Indian restaurants in Ubud

Rejoicing at Some of The Best Night Places in Ubud

Bali is the most popular island holiday destination on the Indonesian water island. Home to many ancient places that describe the mixture of Hindu and Balinese culture, Bali has many exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops. Bali turns the magical turn after the dawn in which there’s more to enjoy just than beyond the natural beauty. 

The nightlife in Ubud is laid-back and off-beat, which follows the relaxed pace of the village lifestyle. Known for its relaxing ambiance, quiet and traditional atmosphere the place turns a bit quirky after the dark and that’s there more to enjoy beyond the rice terraces and temples. There are plenty of Ubud‘s nightspots that carry positive vibes. Also, there are plenty of Indian restaurants in Ubud that have beautiful views and delectable ride to take on with their Indian cuisine.

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace is the main element of Balinese culture and is one of the main cultural landmarks of Ubud. The Royal Palace is located centrally which is just across the community hall where traditional Balinese dances are rehearsed regularly. The palace hosts several cultural performances where dancers wear costumes and perform on the gamelan orchestra. Also, you can enjoy the happenings inside the palace from the Queens of India, one of the best Indian restaurants in Ubud along with the savor food on the opposite side of the street.  

 Fly Cafe & Cuisine 

If you want to enjoy dining in an open-setting, Fly Cafe is the best cafe for you which also offers comfortable dining. The cafe serves local, international, vegetarian cuisine which includes barbecue ribs, gourmet pizzas and tasty seafood off hot grills. Anyone can join any day of the week for delicious value meals. Join in on Saturday Night Live music and Friday Night trivia event as the entry to the event is free.

Laughing Buddha Bar

The bar located upwards towards the Ubud Monkey Forest and is famous for presenting live music. A walk to this bar is a breeze at night. The place has a roadside seating. Various bands perform on the street which includes blues, jazz, and freestyle acoustic music. Enjoy the music with Buddha style cocktails and international cuisines. Head over to Queens of India which is the best Indian cuisine in Bali and only 5 minutes walking from the bar.  

No Mas Ubud 

No Mas is one of the best bars in Ubud. The bar offers tasty bites and stiff drinks in a cozy and laidback setting. The bar features many live gigs, ranging from bands performing top 40 hits ranging from national to international. If hungry, you can have the delicious Indian food in Ubud which is just 10 minutes walking from the Indian vegetarian in Ubud.

Siam Sally 

Siam Sally is a Thai restaurant in Ubud and is popular for a live evening jazz entertainment. The jazz evenings contains acoustic bass, vocals, and sax with various artists performing weekly. The bar has positive vibes with the band interacting with the crowd which fires up the vibes. 

Ubud has evolved as a tourist destination due to many reasons. People are mesmerized by local rice fields and Bali cultural performances at night. Over the last couple of years, People are made to feel at home in Ubud very quickly, because there are so many welcoming places, making you feel part of the wide range of nightlife activities happening in Ubud. Do not forget to visit Queens of India in Ubud for a spectacular journey with Indian cuisine. 

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