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Our Teams

With authentic Indian cuisine prepared by Indian chefs and a wonderful team of efficient staff, Queen’s Tandoor has thrived from day one, proving very popular and successful. Here are some of our teams.


Celebrity Chef Moumita, boasting over 15 years of experience in the hotel industry, has established herself as a culinary authority. With qualifications in hotel management, catering technology, and an MBA in Tourism, she has honed her skills at prestigious establishments including The Lalit Group, The Taj, and Egg Factory, rising through the ranks from Jr. Sous Chef to Corporate Chef QSR.

Moumita, who is the head chef at Queen’s Tandoor chain of restaurants in Bali is a frequent face on popular TV culinary shows on channel Zee. Passionate about molecular gastronomy, she hosts workshops and competitions and oversees Windsor Bakery, a student-run initiative. Committed to social causes, Moumita organizes theme-based food festivals and cooks for the underprivileged. Recognized for her efforts, she received the "Best Hotel Management Institute" award at the Lions Club Gurukul Education Awards 2019.

  • Specialty:
  • Experience: 18 years +
  • Favourite Ingredients: Paneer, Duck, octopus, Guntoor chilli, pure Ghee, Podi, tarka, Hot spice & Salmon
  • Signature Dish/ Must Try: Palak Paneer Ravioli, Salmon steak pilaf and Out of the basket

N. Muthu Kumaran

Chef Muthu comes from the land of ‘Idlis’, ‘Dosas’, ‘Vadas’, ‘Sambaar’ and ‘Uttapams’ i.e. South India. Cooking since the age of 23, Kumaran has become an expert in whipping authentic South Indian cuisines using minimum oil and minimum flame. He is already a crowd favourite for making ‘Appam’, a famous South Indian dish from Kerala at the live cooking station in the restaurant and is credited for making South Indian dining & catering famous in Bali.

  • Specialty: Chettinad (South Indian) Cuisine
  • Experience: 20 years +
  • Favourite Ingredients: Mustard & Curry Leaves
  • Signature Dish/ Must Try: Fresh Appam @LIVE counter

Mahajan Singh

Chef Mahajan Singh learnt all the tricks of producing scrumptious Indian cuisine quite early in life. Under the assistance of Chef Sundar, he honed his culinary skills to perfection and has now proudly earned the title of Queen’s Tandoor’s ‘Curry Expert’. With 20 years plus experience, Chef Singh amazes us with his zest for learning new things even today! In his words this is the secret of unlocking a customer-pleasing food palette. Just try his signature dish, Chicken Curry once and you will be a fan for life!

  • Specialty: Tandoor Curry Dishes
  • Experience: 25 years +
  • Favourite Ingredients: Chopped Garlic & Tomatoes
  • Signature Dish/ Must Try: Chicken Curry

Balbeer Singh

Chef Balbeer is from Uttarakhand in the North of India and his Punjabi touch is visible in all his signature dishes. In fact, he got his first training as a chef from his mother who taught him to make Indian sweet dishes- Gajar Halwa & Sooji Halwa. To this date, he still uses his mother’s traditional technique of making masala parantha (Indian stuffed flat-bread). Cooking since the age of 17, Chef Balbeer Singh has mastered the art of North Indian Cuisine and is one of the reasons behind the popularity of Indian food in Bali.

  • Specialty:
  • Experience: 25 years +
  • Favourite Ingredients: Everything In The Kitchen!
  • Signature Dish/ Must Try: Raan & Prawn Tava

Narendra Singh

Chef Narendra Singh is a trained chef from Mumbai who loves to whip up finger-licking Indian dishes in Queen’s Tandoor Bali. Singh followed his lifelong passion for cooking and started his professional training at the young age of 20 and was mentored by the popular Chef Gulab Singh. He has only one mantra ‘What pleases the tongue, touches the soul.’ Being a specialist in tandoori non-vegetarian & vegetarian cuisine, Singh has cracked the code for maintaining perfect balance between tender and crispiness!

  • Specialty: Tandoori Cuisine
  • Experience: 20 years +
  • Favourite Ingredients: Javitri & His Secret Special Indian Masala Mix
  • Signature Dish/ Must Try: Murgh Cheese Kebab