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Seminyak, Bali


In November 2023, Queen's Tandoor unveiled its latest venture, Q-Lounge, in the vibrant heart of Seminyak, Bali, introducing a progressive Indian cuisine & cocktail bar. Guided by a dynamic ensemble of culinary maestros and music aficionados, Q-Lounge assures an extraordinary amalgamation of cultures and gastronomic wonders, promising you the best Indian food in Bali and whisking you away to a realm of sensory extravagance.

Q-Lounge boasts of a vibrant vibe where sophistication meets innovation. With elegant sofa tables and a VIP corner, the first-floor haven accommodates 80 discerning souls, while a resplendent bar counter and an Indian copper tandoor create a mesmerizing ambiance.

Capacity: Up to 80 guests

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our chef's special

Queen’s Tandoor in Kuta, Bali pays homage to the flavourful and sophisticated Indian cuisine, infused with innovative twists. Its exquisite menu features a delightful blend of modern and traditional North Indian & South Indian cuisines in Bali.

All prices are net and are in thousands of IDR



Chicken Wings

ghee roasted, pickled pineapple

Experience our mouthwatering chicken wings, seasoned with guntoor chili, ghee, cashews, curry leaves, mustard, tamarind, and coorg black pepper where every bite is a burst of bold flavour!



Jack Fruit Kebab

Makhani Gravy

Tantalizing flavours of jackfruit mash, soaked with hot spices, aromatic veggies, and toasted sesame seeds for an unforgettable culinary delight



Masala Puffed Prawn

Indie spiced rice puff, garlic aioli

Juicy prawns enhanced with a spicy masala marinade and crispy puffed rice topping for a delightful seafood experience

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Family Friendly

This restaurant is family & child friendly.

Wedding Catering

This restaurant offers Indian food catering for weddings, private & corporate events

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This restaurant offers assembly hall for private functions & events

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This restaurant offers free parking facility for guests

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This restaurant offers Free WI-FI.

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All major credit cards are accepted here.

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