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5 must-visit night clubs for when you are in Bali. Insights from Queens Tandoor

Sure, Bali is known for its beaches, culture, and food. But the other thing that makes Bali extraordinary is it’s nightlife. And if you are ever in Bali, you just cannot miss out on it. The sights, sounds, and surroundings of the night-time in Bali embrace the city’s adventure in the best possible way. And what better place is to enjoy it all than the ‘night clubs’? Bali is packed with clubs, and when it’s night time, the place becomes a heaven for people who love to party. After all, it’s good to end your day with a splash of thrill and entertainment. Along with that, you can savor some Indian food at Queens Tandoor to experience the best of flavors. 

Here’s a list of top 5 night clubs in Bali to party away your night and to explore the adventure. 

  • Jenja- This late night party venue in Seminyak has some super-chic interiors and offers some great food and party experience. With its multi-concept restaurant, outdoor lounge terrace, bar, and club, with the best music sessions by DJs from around the world, this place will make your nightlife so much fun. This urban club features top-class Asian and Western cuisine, and it’s a great place for party lovers. And if you like Jenja, you can also head over to Queen’s Tandoor Seminyak or some delightful Indian food.
  • Sky Garden- Sky Garden is one of the best, biggest, and the most popular clubs in Kuta, Bali. And if you are really set on going clubbing, this is an ideal place. This one’s built on three floors and has eight clubs and pubs. Not only that, they have fire dancers and other such performances to keep the party enthusiasts entertained. Sky Graden is also one of the cheapest night clubs in Kuta. This place should undoubtedly be on your list when you want to experience the best of the nightlife in Bali. There’s also an Indian restaurant in Kuta, Queen’s to indulge in some appetizing food.
  •  La Favela- One of the most happening party spots in Seminyak, La Favela is definitely a must-visit club for those who love the aesthetic design and fun vibes. They serve some great Greek and Spanish food, along with the excellent drinks. The music there features old school, hip hop, pop-rock, dance and disco tunes. And the best part is that you can even head over to this place in the evening for a quiet experience. Well, who doesn’t enjoy a place that serves as a relaxing spot and a party house, both? And of course, you can also experience Indian food in Seminyak at Queen’s.
  •  Boshe VVIP Club- Well, Boshe is known for its powerful sound-system; they say it’s one of the best in Bali. Their laser lightning systems, live music, and DJ make the place really cool. It’s also a great place if you want to experience typical Indonesian nightlife. They have a total of 15 private karaoke rooms, and their four VVIP rooms feature a balcony that connects to a club area. Boshe is nothing less than a pleasurable experience. Not only that, you can go for Indian dining in Seminyak at Queen’s for some affordable delicious food.
  •  Mirror Bali Lounge Club- Behind the popular Fable Club in Jakarta, this one is known for its unique and spacious interior. It serves as a great party place for all the enthusiasts and makes their experience memorable. Their overall cathedral design appears weird at first, but once you’ve blended in the place and crowd, you’ll have a great time. Mirror club is the most modern place there to party hard and enjoy scrumptious food as well.

Although there are uncountable clubs in Bali, these 5 are the most famous and unique in their own ways, and you just cannot miss out on them. So, when you are in a mood to party all night, make sure you visit these clubs to make your time unforgettable and pleasant.

Not only that, but you can also visit Queens Tandoor for some engaging Indian food in Seminyak, Kuta or Ubud. 

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