Essentials to pack for your Bali Trip

Planning a Bali Trip is surely one of the most exciting things to do. You can finally take a break from the hustle bustle of your life and put your feet up on a lounging chair in one of the Bali beaches. Every location you visit is different from the other, thus, depending on the kind of destination you plan to visit do you have to curate a packing list. The clothes you pack, the medicines and more, all depend on where you are headed to. Thus, Bali too has a packing list of its own and having these essentials will surely help you be prepared for any short-comings. While, of course, you may find everything you need in Bali too it’s always better to be prepared. 


Considering how it’s mostly hot all year round in the island town, it is advisable to pack light breezy clothes that won’t keep you too warm. You don’t want to pack dark shades like black for you might feel hotter. When it comes to the cultural perspective, Bali witnesses an influx of foreign crowd and there’s really no limitation on what you wear. While the Balinese culture is a conservative one and the locals are mostly found in covered clothing, there’s no restriction on the tourists. The only restriction is with temples. Whenever you are headed to any temple in Bali both men and women are required to cover their shoulders and knees. However, when you head to an Indian restaurant in Bali, there’s nothing to worry about. 


While skin care is completely subjective, one really important thing you need to have in your skincare kit is a sunscreen and loads of it. Especially if you come from a cold country, you would need it in Bali. Moreover, make sure that you are carrying skin care products that are light and gentle on the skin. You don’t want or need a heavy moisturizer since that will only lead to sweating, carry some light hydrating skin care. If you plan to camp on any day on your trip then a mosquito repellent cream should be a part of your kit. 

First-Aid Kit

As one of the older Indian vegetarian restaurants in Bali, we know that coming into the town might lead to a number of changes for different tourist which might also lead to a bit of sickness for some. Thus, a basic first-aid kit needs to be a part of your packing list. You would mostly find everything from Bali’s pharmacies but sometimes you just want to have it in your arm’s reach. You could pack in some aspirin to have after you have one too many cocktails during your beach party. Another important one to have is an anti-diarrhea medicine which is usually needed when you are in a new place eating differently than your usual food. 

Electronic Devices

Of course, you need a camera to capture the extremely beautiful sights you are going to witness. However, we suggest also packing a go pro with you for chances are you’ll be taking a lot of shots around water and it’s also a compact light-weighted device which you don’t have to worry about too much. You may even want to invest in waterproof covers for your phone or camera because you’ll be on the beach and even be heading down to the marvelous Bali waterfalls so you might need that. 

One very important tip if you plan to carry high-voltage devices, is to take a power transformer with you too. In Indonesia, you’ll find the round, two-pronged CEE 7 power outlets. These are mostly found in Europe, that might not work for you depending on the country you come from, so don’t forget to include power transformer in your backpack. These are our insights as an Indian Group in Bali, which is sure to keep your electronics safe.

Keep these things in your suitcase and you’ll surely be prepared for any shortcomings. Don’t forget to visit Queens Tandoor on your Bali Trip for some scrumptious Indian food. 


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