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Best Indian Restaurant in Bali: Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant Seminyak - Since 2004

Established in 2004, Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant Bali belongs to a well-established worldwide Indian cuisine restaurant chain owned by an Indian family. Our story traces back to 1986 when Mr. Ramesh and Mrs. Sarita laid the foundation of their first restaurant, Queen's Tandoor, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The demand for Indian wedding catering from the worldwide Indian community grew in 2000 as Bali also gained popularity as a wedding destination. Mr Ramesh, Mrs Sarita, and the young couple Puneet Malhotra and Neeta Ramchand Dulara seized this moment and established Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant Bali and Queen’s Catering Bali in 2004.

The Owners Behind Queen's Bali Group

Puneet Malhotra is co-owner and Director of the Queen’s Bali Group, who contributes with his long-term experience in hotel management from 5-star hotels like Hyatt and Le Meridien. He ensures that guests experience an elevated dining of authentic Indian cuisine throughout all Queen’s Bali restaurants. Puneet's modern approach and innovative ideas keep the Queen's Bali Group up-to-date.

Neeta Ramchand Dulara Malhotra, a fifth-generation descendant of Indian heritage in Indonesia and a family member of the Queen's Tandoor Jakarta family, is the founder and president of BIFA (Balinese & Indian Friendship Association), an award-winning organisation with members consisting of both citizens of Indian origin in Bali and Balinese people. Neeta's creative approach to events and weddings and her culinary roots in Indian cuisine make Queen's Catering Bali the number 1 Indian Wedding caterer in Bali.

Puneet Malhotra and Neeta Malhotra cheering with cocktails in their hands at Queen’s Tandoor Indian Restaurant Seminyak Bali
3 colorful Pani Puri on a wooden bowl at Queen’s Tandoor Indian Restaurant Seminyak Bali

Queen's Bali's - A Royal Legacy

Queen's Bali’s commitment to delivering authentic Indian food has attracted an international clientele, including locals, expats, Australians, Europeans and Indian tourists throughout our locations in Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Ubud for 20 years. This continuous success has gained all Queen's Bali restaurants as the best Indian restaurant in Bali and has been awarded by several media and associations throughout the years.

We offer a vast menu of Indian dishes from different regions in India, from North India to the coastal area of South India. Famous dishes like the tandoori, flavoursome curries, dahls and biryanis are prepared with original Indian spices by the expertise of our Indian Chefs ensuring an authentic Indian food in Bali. At Queen’s Bali, we strive to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience where the best of Indian cuisine meets the enchanting hospitality of Bali.

Chronological History Timeline

1986 - The Foundation
The origin began in 1986 in Jakarta, Indonesia when Mr Ramesh and Mrs Sarita founded Queen's Tandoor in Jakarta before expanding to Bali in 2004.

2004 - Flagship in Seminyak
Building upon their continued success in catering throughout the 2000s, Mr. Ramesh and Mrs. Sarita opened their first Queen's Tandoor branch in Bali, located in Seminyak, in 2004. The restaurant quickly gained popularity for its authentic Indian food among international tourists and the Indian community.

2004 - Queen's Catering Bali
Through its presence of the Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Seminyak, it gained more attention amongst the wedding and event organisers in Bali. Queen's Catering Bali, known for its authentic Indian food, flourished as Bali became a popular wedding destination for international guests and the worldwide Indian Community.

Post-2004 - Queen's Bali Group
With the success of Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Bali and Queen's Catering Bali Puneet and Neeta continued in expanding the legacy of Queen's Indian Cuisine Worldwide in Bali.

2004 - First Venue in Seminyak Bali
The debut of the flagship Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Seminyak.

2008 - Second Venue in Kuta Bali
Launched Queen's of India Kuta in Bali's famous tourist district, Kuta, at the Bali Dynasty Resort.

2010 - Third Venue in Nusa Dua Bali
Following their second success, the third branch, Queen's of India Nusa Dua was inaugurated in the south of Bali in Tanjung Benoa.

2012 - Forth Venue in Ubud Bali
With a growing number of international tourists and Indian visitors to Bali, especially in Ubud, the fourth branch, Queen's of India Ubud, was established opposite the famous tourist attraction, the Ubud Royal Palace.

20 Years Strong - Revamped Queen's Tandoor & Cocktail Bar
After a successful 20 years in Bali, we have revamped our flagship Queen's Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Seminyak, in November 2023. Our renovation showcases a modern interior offering classic authentic Indian food and progressive Indian cuisine. Furthermore, we have added a new cocktail experience of hype multi-sensory craft cocktails, inspired by Indian spices and flavours, at our sophisticated, luminous white onyx cocktail bar. To complete the whole Indian culinary experience, we also offer Shisha with different aromas, to be enjoyed with cocktails or small bites.

Best Indian Restaurant in Bali

Hailed as the best Indian restaurant in Bali we offer authentic Indian cuisine since 2004 in Bali. With our modern culinary approach, we ensure an exceptional dining and cocktail experience through the diverse culinary regions of India in all of our Queen's Bali restaurants. Book your table at your preferred location here.