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Get to Know the famous delicacy of South India- UTTAPAM

Going to any Indian restaurant in Bali, you must’ve come across this riveting thing called ‘Uttapam’. And might’ve thought that, “Which dish is this? I always see it. Is it worth a try?”

Uttapam is a South Indian pancake similar to the dosa which is a crisp and crepe-like and topped with many toppings. Originated in South India, Uttapam is a very popular dish. Uttapam has not only become a favourite all over India, it is also appreciated by visitors from other countries. The dosa batter is made from rice and black lentil (black gram dal) that is rich in protein. The same dosa batter can be used to make uttapam when it has turned sour after 2-3 days. You can also make instant uttapam by mixing some flours. You will find the recipes for Onion uttapam and instant uttapam here.

There are different types of uttapams:  like onion uttapam, tomato uttapam, mixed vegetable uttapam. It is served with coconut chutney and sambar. If one wants to have it in Bali, one can have it at the best Indian restaurant in Bali. 

What makes Uttapam a perfect breakfast delight?

As everyone knows, the breakfast is the most essential meal of the day because it helps in kickstarting the day. Eating breakfast on time helps you maintain the health and weight of the body. Breakfast should be healthy and tasty. There are multiple options to choose from but if you consider the health elements, then the uttapam is a best-recommended dish that keeps you healthy and triggers weight loss. 

Known as the most preferred breakfast choice among South Indians and Indians, Uttapam has a lot of health benefits as well. Uttapam is a dish low in fat and high in flavours because it is topped with many toppings. Fermented foods improve digestion, increased energy levels, normalizes blood pressure levels, improves the colour of the skin and release bad toxins.

There are two variants of uttapam: Vegetable Uttapam and Oats Uttapam. Plain Uttapam is best recommended if you want to cut down on calories and fat content. If you want to eat light and tasty breakfast and you are on a vacation in Bali, try this Uttapam at some of the best Indian restaurants in Kuta.

Uttapam has much fan following because it contains vegetables and spices on the top of the batter. Some say that Uttapam looks like a Pizza. Those who enjoy Uttapam, claim that it gives you the experience of having 3 different dishes at the same time its crispy outer layer relates to that of Dosa; its insides are all soft like an Idli and its cooked toppings give you a feel of pizza.

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