Witness the lovely island and head for a beautiful candle light dinner in Bali

Bali is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The whole romantic vibe of the place definitely calls for lovely candle light dinner in Bali with your partner. There are endless beautiful spots on the island and you would really not find a place that has so much to offer. Be it the soothing and fun beaches, beautiful restaurants, calming rice fields or the magnificent waterfalls. There are so many opportunities to add that spark to your relationship. Here’s how you can have a lovely dinner in Bali.


As mentioned earlier there’s a whole lot Bali has to offer and all of them are perfect spots to utilize for that perfect date.


  • Villa: Bali is dotted with some really splendid villas which come equipped with all the things you would need for a romantic and fun vacation. Moreover, they also offer pretty affordable prices. So go ahead and create a beautiful set up by the pool. Cook some delicious food and you can have a beautiful dinner.


  • Beach: Beaches are an endless affair on this island of course. Each different from the other and more beautiful than the other. They definitely do call for a beautiful dinner by the sea. A pretty table setup or just one for a picnic would do wonders!


  • Cliffs: Again there’s no dearth of natural beauty here. Thus, cliffs to are the perfect spots for a nice date. Imagine witnessing the wild waves touching the shore from a higher level as you eat delicious food and have a lovely conversation.


  • Restaurants: Of course, you can also take the classic route and head to a lovely restaurant. Try heading down to one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali, at Queens. We offer a dining experience unlike any other.


Food is surely an important part of your dinner date, obviously. Moreover, it’s important that it’s good. Bad food can really ruin the whole date. Cook up something your partner really loves and preferably a cuisine of your own region, you don’t wanna risk trying completely different cuisine. You could even order some Balinese food to your villa or what you can also do is order in some Indian food from Queens Tandoor. The fresh, delicious and well-packed food will make for a lovely date.


You might be planning an outdoor dinner date on a beach or somewhere else and making the food preparations might seem daunting. Well, catering is an option you can go for. We at Queens are among the well-known Indian caterer in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Ubud or Seminyak. We can assist you in arranging the perfect setup. Trust us to provide you with professional servers and whatever else you might need.

More Things to do

Make the date a tad bit more special and complete it with a fun activity. You can do some stargazing on the beach, go for a dip in the ocean, go surfing or even go bungee jumping. Then go ahead and finish the day with your dinner date and some amazing Indian Cuisine In Bali.

Bare all this in mind and you are sure to have the most perfect candle light dinner in Bali.


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