Best Wellness Retreats in Bali – Indian Restaurants in Bali


There are many wellness retreats in Bali which have great places to stay on the island and offer attractive features and packages. They have built-in services and facilities that promote happiness and comfort. Bali is an amazing island consisting of beautiful coasts. These islands have fresh sea breezes and are located in the island’s cool, quiet and scenic views which help you to unwind and reconnect.

Most of the best wellness retreats in Bali use traditional techniques to embrace health, fitness and a better life. These hotels also offer yoga and fitness facilities, spas and massage parlors with world-class treatments. There are also many outdoor activities that help you to connect with mother nature.

1.COMO Shambhala Estate

This is the best wellness retreats in Ubud, Bali and this is also known as luxury jungle gem. It is surrounded by rice terraces and endless green fields. It offers picturesque places and is the best place for natural healing spa and massage therapies. You can schedule your daily 60-minute massage at the resort. After having a relaxing day, you can have the flavourful food at Indian restaurants in Ubud.

2. Fivelements Retreat

Fivelements has the beauty that is just so unbelievable. The wellness retreats comprise of Balinese-inspired healing and rejuvenating treatments, as well as detoxification and a little bit guide to healthy habits. These packages are available for up to14 nights. Check with your travel agent while planning and making bookings for the Bali tourism package. Retreats include accommodation, many nutrition wellness meals, consultation, and healing massage. Retreats include water healing, healing energy sessions, yoga, and meditation classes.

3.Zen Resort Bali

Zen Resort is one of the few restaurants in North Bali that offers wellness packages that help you in rejuvenating. They include ayurvedic-spa treatments alongside traditional Balinese body treatments, meditation and yoga exercises. With spiritual attractions, they also offer special diving called Zen Harmony diving which combines scuba diving and snorkeling. They use traditional healing techniques, Chinese medicines, Ayurveda and more.

4.The Yoga Barn

It is the biggest retreat in Southeast Asia, Ubud having many facilities and programs which cater to every need. It has a perfect atmosphere which includes a serene guesthous and a peaceful location. It has many detox programs and therapies like naturopathy, reiki, and sound therapy. After a refreshing therapy, you can have a refreshing and delicious Indian food in Ubud.

5.Omunity Bali

Omunity Bali is set in the highland village of Sudaji North-central Bali which provides a unique staying experience that gets you real close to environment-friendly practices. You can live with the local community & people and learn about their culture and traditions. You can experience the yoga classes, refreshing workshops. Packages are included with long stays with cleansing and purifications and introduction to Balinese herbal medicine.

Bali not only includes the places to visit, chill, sports. It is a hub of many wellness retreats, where you can relax your shoulders and release off the load from you. From extremely yoga retreats to surfing or diving session or a relaxed day, it also includes spa and massages for every type of traveler. You get to experience practice yoga, enjoy massages and learn about Balinese and Indonesian culture. Do not forget to visit the best Indian vegan restaurants in Bali on your Bali trip.

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