Souvenirs of Bali: Know About The Souvenirs and Where To Get Them

Every country has something special that marks its resemblance, specialty and tells about its historical culture. Similarly, Bali has some great souvenirs that are worth buying while shopping on your Bali trip. These are not similar souvenirs that you usually bring which consists of chocolates, keychains, be place name-tags or clothes.

These are the accessories that can be used as personal keepsakes or can be kept as mementos of your last Bali holiday. They can be a part of your home décor for the living room or can be gifted to anyone. These are masterpieces created by skilled Balinese craftsmen and are worth buying.

1. Silken batiks and rare traditional textiles

Batiks has been a big part of Indonesia’s culture for centuries. Batik fabric is made in a special and sophisticated way, in the pattern of dots, lines or other objects. For authentic silk batiks that have a good look, you need to invest some time finding the batik showrooms and manufacturers around the Batubulan area, such as Popiler Batik. Other Balinese fabrics, such as Balinese songket and endek are made from cotton and natural dyes. It is used for clothing during religious rituals. The most popular districts to shop for batik Ubud. Head over to the best Indian dining in Ubud for delicious food treat after a fantastic shopping.

2. Bali Coffee

Bali coffee is sold in packages as souvenirs in Bali in many forms. It is sold in whole bean or ground form and even as hard candies. The varieties of Robusta and Arabica beans are sold which are grown in the best Indonesian growing islands such as Gayo and Mandaling, Java, Mangkuraja, Kalosi and Kintamani. You can try the world’s most expensive coffee known as Kopi Luwak at kopi Bali House in Ubud. Try the spicy and zesty snacks at the best Indian restaurants in Bali.

3. Bali spa Stuff

You have an option of bringing a Bali spa vibe at your home with you. You can bring the essential oils, incense sticks, aromatherapy massage oils or organic soaps. You also have the option of buying certain tropical flower fragrances that can be found in any Bodyshop outlet or in any Southeast Asian spa destinations. Indonesian herbal ‘jamu’ and Bali’s own spicy ‘boreh’ body scrub are quite unique.

4. Spices

The secret behind the flavours in Indonesian cuisines lies in it’s the mix of rich and exotic herbs and spices which are grown in the beautiful tropical climate of the island. You can bring these exotic flavours to your home. Many different spices are sold in traditional markets and modern supermarkets. These are even ready-made and are easy to pack in your bags.

5. Gold and Silver Jewellery

If you need an iconic jewelry item, you need to visit Bali’s famous gold and silversmith villages of Celuk and Mas. They are in between the areas of Batubulan and Ubud. There are various showrooms and workshops such as Parapen Jewellery where you can tour their workshop and take a look in their jewelry and get a closer idea of their hard work process in making the gold and silver jewelry. There are many items like, miniature silver templates, sailings ships, horse and carriages which serve as a great décor item and can even fit into your luggage. After a great shopping, one must have great food to make your day remembering. There are many Indian restaurants in Bali that serve exotic Indian food in Bali.

There are plenty of things which make Bali an unforgettable place. Souvenirs are a great way to bring home a piece of island that you can share with your loved ones. These are unmistakably great souvenirs and investments with lots of choices in between. After an exotic shopping experience, one gets very tired and is hungry for delicious and refreshing food. You can order the delicious food online from Queens of India Bali.

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