Things to do in Denpasar in Bali on a vacation: Tips for a beautiful vacation from one of the best Indian restaurants in Kuta

The capital of one of the most visited destinations in the world, Bali, Denpasar has this amazing mix of traditional beauty and modern amenities which makes it a must to visit on your Bali trip. Denpasar has several historical sites and cultural significance. Many people see Denpasar as a trade city but ask a frequent traveller, and you will get to know that the city has more than buildings and temples.

In the centre of Denpasar, you will find a crowded scene but if you travel to its outskirts, you will find out more natural vibes and comfortable areas to relax. Such as mangrove forests in South Denpasar and the Kertalangu Cultural Village in the Northeast. Cravings for Indian food? Get your cravings fulfilled by ordering online from the best Indian restaurants in Bali Kuta. Here are some interesting things to do that can make your trip to Denpasar interesting.

1.Shark Island

This island is situated several minutes east from the shores of Serangan Island in which you can swim with the sharks. The private setting was set up was by Paul Friese, a Honolulu surfer who decided to save the black tip and white tip reef sharks and creating a touring alternative for visitors. The Bali sharks suit all the ages and experience levels. In-water activities are safe and perfect as they provide fun learning with the aid of real live specimens. After spending a thrilling day at Shark Island, visit the Queens of India for the best Indian food in Kuta which is just 20 minutes away from Shark Island.

2. Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a major attraction in Denpasar. It is set in the centre of Renon Square. It is located adjacent to Bali Governor’s office. It has a grand structure that resembles a Balinese Hindu Priest’s praying bell. The museum displays various historical experiences that showcase people’s past struggles for Independence. The last upper level provides you with the iconic view over the green square and Denpasar’s cityscape field. After exploring the huge place, you must feel what to eat in Bali? The answer to your hunger is the best Indian dining in Kuta.

3. Aroma Spa Retreat

Aroma Spa Retreat will give you a relaxing spa experience that will rejuvenate you. It is located in Prama Sanur Beach Hotel and offers a variety of treatments from anti-aging to ease body or back pain and treatments to simply pamper and unwind yourself. The experts at the spa use organic treatments.

4. Jagatnatha Temple

Jagatnatha Temple is a situated adjoining the Bali Provincial Museum and city square. It is a central landmark. The historical site has gone under a series of renovations over a period of time and now features a towering central Pamasana Shrine in bright white. You can still see the painted carvings and stone motifs of older days depicting episodes from the Ramayana from the old days.

5. Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest
The largest mangrove forest is located on the southern coastline of Denpasar, in the village of Suwung. It borders the tourism areas of Sanur and Kuta which is a soothing oasis where you can escape from crowds. You can enjoy leisurely walks along with the lush green scenes that are filled with nature sounds.

Denpasar Bali is home to a number of beautiful temples and monuments -all of which are definitely worth a visit if you are interested in learning more about the city’s distinctive architecture. It is not considered to be a party district per se, there is still a lot to do and experience once daytime gives way to night time. Most notably, you can pay a visit to one of the popular night markets, or perhaps enjoy a hearty evening meal at one of the local restaurants. One of the most popular places for having tasty Indian dining in Bali is just 20 minutes away from Denpasar.

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