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Instagram Hacks For A Vacation In Bali

Are you going to Bali this vacation? The excitement is never ending when you are going anywhere. The best part is not just going but also taking tons of pictures! You need to give people the fear of missing out on social media. Pictures mean the world to a traveler and Bali has many picturesque locations that will definitely give all your hater #vacation #goals.

We, as an Indian restaurant in Bali, are telling you a few #life #hacks for clicking awesome pictures which will guarantee that double tap on Instagram.

So here’s how you go about it.

Wardrobe hacks

This is an influencer level hack. When you are deciding which clothes to pack, wear them. Click mirror pictures in your outfits so that you would know how the combination looks. It’s a neat trick to not hate your clothes later in the pictures. Clothes’ color also varies in pictures. Do check the weather before hand and choose clothes with color, cuts, and prints accordingly. Subtle, light colored and flower prints work wonderfully in summers.

There are so many beautiful places in Bali, Indonesia to click photos of yourself and along with that a winner pose in each location will take the photo to wonders. So here are places and the poses down below.

A. The Handara Bali Gates- A must visit tourist spot. the gist is that this location is a road between two beautifully
constructed gates. A must click here. But the question remains- which pose would be perfect?

B. Paluang Cliff- The sea, the sun, the hills, the greenery and many photo locations! That is what is Paluang Cliff is for everyone to come.

C. Tegallalang Rice Terraces- The beauty here is striking. The place even has spots where you click pictures specifically with straw utensils created for pictures. There are even swings looking over the rice terraces that leave people awestruck.

D. Semiyank sunset beach- Along with the obvious sea in front, there are also colorful shacks there which will brighten up The Insta feed.

E. Waterfalls- Waterfalls in Bali are not any ordinary waterfalls. These are the absolution of nature’s surrealness. A picture here in swimsuit is a must.

F. Canggu beach- Surf on the beach waves! Or at least pretend to. It is the perfect time to try something new and commemorate it forever, be it a win or a loss. All you have to do is get a surf board, get on top of it or lie on it and click a picture.

G. Nusa Ceningan- This place has water bluer than the sky! Sit, jump and click.

Any standing pose that matches your personality works here. Still for your better picture, here are a few ideas. Pose idea number one is standing pose with legs either crossed or open apart, torso slightly leaning towards the right or left and hands raised above with fingers doing the peace sign. The movement of the hands can be varied. It can be on your waist just below or even on your hips. This works best for girls. For guys, a mean lean is a great pose in all these locations.

There are many more picturesque places in Bali, Indonesia. An  Indian restaurant in Bali, we recommend you to just once search #bali on Instagram for locations, and more poses.


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