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Witnessing the Best Waterfalls in Bali

Planning to visit Bali? Well, Bali is truly a traveler’s dream. The destination is full of refreshing beaches, hills and vibrant culture. If you thought that Bali has got only some of the beaches, best seminyak villas, and temples, then you haven’t explored the Bali fully. Bali has got some of the most gorgeous waterfalls which offer breathtaking views that will surely soothe your mind and soul.

Waterfalls situated in the lush green rainforests and deep mountain valleys in the island’s central highlands. They are also situated among some of the scenic routes which require trekking, passing some of the wooden bridges and sometimes descend some of the rocky steps. We present to you some of the best waterfalls in Bali where you can relax, unwind yourself and spend some of the best moments with your friends and families. Bali has also got some of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants 

Gitgit Waterfalls

One of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Bali is Gitgit. Surrounded by lush green forests, it descends from a height of 35 meters. You can reach via an easy trek that passes over a small gorge and cool streams. The waterfall is easily accessible from the main road connecting Bedugul and Singaraja. People traveling to Lovina Beach often make a stopover here. There are some of the cafes and souvenir shops at the entrance of the waterfall for quick bites and retail therapy. One can dip down and swim to spend some chilled-out time here. 

Sekumpul Waterfall  

Sekumpul waterfall is the waterfall for every nature lover. It is a cluster of 6 to 7 narrow waterfalls in the namesake village of Sekumpul in North Bali. Set among the lush green framing of the bamboo forests, it allows you to discover a mesmerizing view. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view from the top. Those who want an adventure, a trek leads you to the garden from where you can catch the majestic vibes of 80- meter-tall fall from a distance. On your journey to waterfalls, you will enjoy nature sights with a combination of rice paddies, durian, rambutan and coffee plantations. One can dive into the plunge pool to unwind and relax. Do not forget to visit the Queens of India in Bali for the best Indian restaurant in Bali.

Melasti Waterfall

Located on the coast of Mealsti beach near Tanah Lot temple, this is the smallest waterfall that runs down a grassy seaside cliff adjacent to the Batu Bolong temple. The waterfall looks mesmerizing at the time of sunset. During the high tide, the hidden black sand beach and waterfall cannot be accessed. During the low tide, the waterfall can be best and spectacular during the rainy season.  

Nungnung Waterfall

Set in the mountains of central Bali around 900 meters above sea level, it provides one with a pleasant experience. One of the pleasant part of this waterfall is the experience of pleasant drive with a refreshing view of rice fields and lush plantations. One has to step down some of the hundred steep steps with a wooden garden that provides breathtaking views. There is a small bridge on top from you can have sight rushing waterfalls against a dense valley. Some of the wedding planners also plan a wedding near the amazing setting of waterfalls. There are some of the best Indian services which can provide the best wedding catering services in Bali.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

It is a small but beautiful waterfall which consists of many waterfalls that flow down the series of stepping boulders. The waterfall is seasonal and can be best visited during the rainy season. There are lush-green small gardens around the rocks of the waterfall.

Upon discovering these best Bali waterfalls, you would reward yourself with refreshing and relaxing experiences. Take a dip in the pebbly pools under cascading falls for a soothing break. Best waterfalls let you take in their magnificent views from down at their surrounding base or from above adjacent hilltops. Also, some of the best Indian restaurants in Bali lets you indulge in the deliciousness Indian cuisine.

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