Indian vegetarian restaurant in Kuta.

Must-Visit places in Kuta for a Luxurious Dining Experience

Kuta is one of Bali’s most renowned tourist area in Bali. The place consists of many restaurants, beaches, clubs than anywhere on the island. This is a must-visit place if you are in Bali and is the best place for surfers as they can enjoy the best waves during the dry season. There are many restaurants on the main beach road of Jalan Pantai Kuta, lined with prominent international franchise restaurants, popular bars, cafes, and local warungs.

Knowing the island’s foodie scene, we would like to share our favorite culinary hotspots in Bali. Kuta is filled with dining choices hard to miss among which there are some of the best Indian restaurants in Bali. Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in Kuta which provide exceptional dining experience with a combination of mind-blowing flowers so unique that you will not be able to find them anywhere.

Ma Joly Restaurant & Lounge

The restaurant is located the serene beachside of Sandi Phala Boutique Resort in Tuban, on Kuta’s southern border. It serves delectable European dishes and offers various types of tea in the afternoon. The restaurants provide option dining under a thatched roof and open-beam ceilings. The restaurants provide several different settings from a long table to a shady leafy setting. If you want a romantic sunset dinner, they also have a theme set for it. The beautiful backdrop of the Indian Ocean and South Kuta’s rolling attracts the customers.

Rosso Vivo – Kuta Seaview Hotel

Rosso Vivo offers a comfortable, cozy and romantic interior that consists of the Balinese and European designs. The restaurant serves classic Italian menu of soups, pastas, and homemade pizzas together with a broad selection of cocktails. The Rosso Vivo is easy to locate as it is situated halfway down Jalan Pantai Kuta’s footpath decorated with red parasols and sofas on a highly raised terrace. It also consists of the main dining room with the views of the beach road. Decorated with zigzag neon lamps and ambient garden lighting makes a perfect atmosphere after sunset.

Queens of India

Queens of India is one of the best Indian restaurants in Kuta if you want to savor the taste of Indian food. The restaurant has a minimalistic design. They offer two types of settings: an air-conditioned dining area or am alfresco timber decked terrace beside a pond. The restaurant offers delicious Indian cuisines from, Mumbai chaat to South Indian Dosa. Those who want to eat delicious Indian food, it is a must-visit Indian vegetarian restaurant in Kuta.

Golden Lotus- Bali Dynasty

Golden Dynasty is the best Chinese restaurant in Bali. The restaurant offers special Hong-Kong style Sunday Buffet. Located in Bali Dynasty which is a family-oriented resort on Kuta’s South, it also specializes in Szechuan and Cantonese style cuisine, which can be enjoyed in a brilliant Oriental interior and elegant dining room with exotic black wood tables.

Indian Delites

Indian Delites is another Indian restaurant from the food chain “Bali Indian Food” in Bali. The ambiance, presentation and Indian delicacies gives a unique flavor and Indian touch to the food. It serves delicious food, from lip-smacking South Indian dishes to scrumptious North Indian Cuisine.

Many other restaurants in Bali serve deliciousness at its best along the refreshing beautiful settings. You can also try some of the best Indian restaurants in Bali if you are tired of eating Thai food. Do try to visit some of the beaches in Kuta which present a beautiful view and famous among surfers.

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