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Rejoicing at Some of the Best Places in Nusa Dua

Located in Southern Bali, the Indonesian island is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and iconic Balinese temples. Among the beaches and waters, the area is known for world-class luxury resorts. Nusa Dua is just half an hour away from Kuta, but both the places are two worlds apart. Nusa Dua is quiet and secluded. The beaches are less crowded here. If you want to be in action or enjoy the vibes of central Bali, Kuta or Seminyak is the best place for you. Nusa Dua is a perfect place to stay in Bali for a Bali family holiday as there are fewer crowds and traffic and the beaches are calmer. When in Nusa Dua, do not forget to visit the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bali.

Here are some places in which you can rejoice or refresh yourself:

Get Refreshed with WaterBlow

If you want to see the majestic view of strong waves of Indian ocean crashing into the limestone structures, this is one of the best places to go near Nusa Dua. The narrow opening at the reef maintains the pressure which makes the waves rise up and then crashes into the rocks. It serves as a perfect photogenic scene. For the comfort and safety of tourists, the railing is built and benches are provided so that they can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Spend the Time at The Pirates Bay 

The place has various treehouses from which seas can be observed and is located on the eastern coast of the Peninsula. It was established in 2012 and has become a popular tourist spot. The place also has several huts, tents, and bonfires. On reaching The Pirates Bay you will find a pirate-themed restaurant that has a huge scale model of a wooden pirate ship.

Relish the Delectable Indian Cuisine at Queen’s of India

Queens of India is an Indian restaurant in Bali that provides scrumptious Indian food. The menu offers vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes galore, followed by wonderful Indian desserts. Every palate is considered with an extensive choice of Indian curries, tandoor dishes, biryanis, thalis, and breads, all of which retain the authentic characteristics of regional Indian home-cooking. It is located near Benoa Harbour which provides refreshing views.

Have Fun at Tanjung Benoa

It is a popular place in Nusa Dua and a popular fishing spot. The place as new 5-star resorts and restaurants. One can also dwell in various activities like water sports on the beach like parasailing, flying fish, jet ski and many more. The beach has a calm environment and a lot safer for everyone. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Nusa Dua to experience the luxury Indian Dining in Bali which serves delectable Indian food.

Go Sea-walking

There are many attractions in Nusa Dua but one of the main attractions is sea-walking. It is a very popular attractions and must-do activity if you are in Bali. One can sign up for a sea-walking tour at many of the hotels which will take you out to a designated dive site and you can then don a helmet that will let you look around without even getting your hair wet. Experience the aquatic life, colorful corals made up of fans and gardens. and you can also feed the fishes.

There are many other activities that you can do besides these but stopping here and enjoying the beauty of the island is all I recommend. The island goes with its own pace. Nusa Dua is a great place to unwind and relax. The place is also best recommended if you are with your family because it is a safe and security checks area at every point.

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