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Things to do in Ubud. Insights from an Indian restaurants in Ubud

A calm like no other. The yogi’s paradise and home to some of the greenest pastures. Ubud is all things serene and offers everything from a calm quietude to the bustling markets and delicious eats — such as Nasi Goreng or even delicious food at our Indian vegetarian restaurant in Ubud. There’s a lot to do in this colorful and calm town. However, if you are on a time crunch on your trip, knowing the right places to go is important.

Here’s a little insight on what to do in Ubud.

Ubud Traditional Market

Pretty close to Queens of India, our renowned restaurant the traditional market is a vibrant affair. The streets of this market are always bustling with people and colorful affordable things. Head to this market early in the morning to cover maximum ground and don’t forget to relish the best Balinese sweets as well as fresh fruits. The handmade items found in this market make for perfect souvenirs from your trip to Bali.  

Seeing Rice Terraces

Indian Cuisine In Bali

Rice terraces are the most well-known element of Ubud. A nice calming walk along the rice terraces makes for a lovely experience. Try the Alila Ubud for a rice terrace trek or the Tegalalang rice terrace. If you are someone who enjoys photography, these fields offer some really picturesque settings too. When you are satisfied with your beautiful pictures, head to a close by a restaurant offering amazing Indian dining in Ubud and well as some of the brilliant food that you’ll ever have.

Chomping The Best Indian Food

Ubud is a storehouse of the brilliant Balinese cuisine as well as Indian food in Ubud. There’s so much to chomp on that you might have a hard time deciding what not to eat. The endless options will keep your tummy happy. However, if all your Balinese food is done and dusted then try something different at our popular restaurant where we will serve you the most amazing food ever.

Bathe In The Waterfall

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Dotted in close proximity, Bali is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls. Ubud is no exception to that. Refresh yourself in the fresh and cold waters of Tegenungan waterfall or Nungnung waterfall. Another amazing place to brush up your photography skills, you can also go for a dip and enjoy a nice swimming session. The swim session is sure to leave you a little famished. No stress, when you have some of the most delicious food just close by. Chomp on some delectable Indian cuisine and enjoy your food coma.

This little guide around Ubud is sure to rejuvenate you and if you need to replenish your system with flavorful food then head to an Indian restaurant in Ubud.




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