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The soothing Indian music; why is it a part of our Indian dining in Bali experience

Running a restaurant offering Indian dining in Bali is no easy feat. It comes with a whole lot of competition and at times a language barrier too. But we at Queens understand that apart from our USP, its the promise of an excelling service and comfortable atmosphere is what will help us move in the right direction. An important aspect of providing that comfortable atmosphere is playing light Indian music at our restaurant across branches to provide a calm experience of dining and chomping.

Here’s why Indian music is a part of the dining experience at a restaurant.

Sets The Tone

Being located in a market space, it is usually a welcome change when you step from the hustle-bustle of the streets into a cool and nice atmosphere being amped up with some soothing Indian music. It truly transports you and creates a whole new experience. We’ve always aimed at providing a full experience at our restaurants across Bali. That does not only mean providing a fare of the most lovely traditional Indian food in Ubud or anywhere in Bali but also providing the whole experience.

Affects The Mood

“Ranjayathi iti Ragah”, a Sanskrit saying, that means “that which colors the mind is a raga.” It truly does. The Indian classical music (responsible for all other kinds of Indian music) stems from nine basic kinds of emotions and each raga is dominated by any of those 9 sentiments. This then also incites the same emotion for the listener. We as a restaurant offering luxury Indian dining in Nusa Dua, and across Bali are rather mindful that our music choices incorporate either the element of humor or peace so that the customer feels happiness and/or utmost peace. This surely improves the experience of food at our chain of well-known restaurants across Bali.

Psychological Effects

Indian classical music is said to even have effects on the memory. As an Indian restaurant in Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta and Ubud we aim to make it a memorable dining experience for our guests. An experience that the customers wouldn’t forget and the music plays a big role in that. The section of the brain that affects memory is right next to the section that understands music. Thus, the kind of music you listen to has effects on memory. The popular experiment known as the Mozart effect has proven that Indian classical music does promote your memory.

Authentic Indian Experience

Aiming at providing a complete Indian experience along with the delicious Indian cuisine in Bali, our priority is ensuring authenticity in every way possible. While our flavors do transport you to India, we also want to ensure that the customers feel that they are really experiencing India. So while our food and interiors are very Indian, we add just that extra touch of authenticity with our treasured music. It should feel like a new yet homely experience.

Now you know why Indian music is such an essential part of our Indian dining in Bali, witness it yourself by heading to our renowned, award-winning restaurant that offers some really delectable food.




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