Five Best dive sites: Know where to go scuba diving in Bali from one of the Best Indian restaurants

The best dive sites are where you can explore the island ‘s underwater beauty at its finest. Each of these great spots has something special to offer and there’s something for every skill level. Most of the island’s best sites have visibility all times during the year, but the best time to go diving in Bali is usually around drier months, between April and November.

Bali’s rich culture and overland attractions lie beneath the waves which can make your trip even more memorable. The best dive sites in Bali will also let you encounter rare species like large manta rays, elusive oceanic sunfish, reef sharks, sea turtles.

1.Tulamben beach

Wreck dive underwater at Tulamben beach in Eat Bali. It consists of an overland terrain with splendid underwater beauty. You can find the wrecks of USAT Liberty which were sunk here during the second world war. It is one of the famous wrecks in the world. Besides the shipwreck, the waters around the Tulamben alone much have to offer, which consists of natural reef walls, muddy volcanic sand beds where you can usually find octopuses and elusive seahorses. While going back to your resort you will be hungry or craving for delectable food. If your resort is in Kuta, do visit us and have a delectable Indian food in Bali Kuta.

2.Amed Beach

Amed beach is one of the favourite dive sites in East Bali that welcomes divers of all the skill levels. If your main resort is in Kuta, it is just a few hours away and is a convenient day trip destination. There is a submerged temple named Jemeluk Bay which has a lot to explore. Re-energize yourself by having the tasty Indian food in Kuta at Queens of India. Activities like freediving is a recent sport added to their list. You can experience traditional Balinese massage delivered by Skilful local women.

3.Pemuteran Bay

Pemuteran Bay is a calm and scenic bay on Bali’s coast that drives people’s attention for being the largest bio rock reef site on the planet. It has the largest area of shallow coral reefs in Bali due to its year-round calm waves which once saw a decline due to cyanide fishing. You can easily enjoy the spectacular coral reef growth near the coastline. You can easily enjoy expansive artificial reef gardens, shrines, and statues of goddesses.

4.Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is a part of West Bali National park. The island spans around 38 sq km with savannahs housing the rare java rusa deer. You can enjoy calm waters and coral gardens. You can also admire the pristine nature, collection of shrines. You need permission and a park guide to visit this island which can be arranged with most hotels or tour guides.

5.Nusa Penida

It is the largest in the trio of islands that lie in the southeast of Bali mainland with waters that meet the open Indian ocean. There are many dive sites. These are the sites with strong currents making them strictly for advanced divers only. You can find a good mix of colourful coral reefs with frogfish, seahorses, and nudibranchs. Check-in out for best Indian food in Ubud before your adventurous trip at Queen’s of Indian

Bali is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Indonesia. Its pristine beaches, rich marine life, and expansive coral gardens are a huge hit among divers. Scuba diving in Bali attracts many people towards this island. You can ask your travel agent to include diving in your Bali tour package which will cost a lot cheaper to you.

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