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Plan your Best Bachelorette in Bali

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘bachelorette’? The Hangover movie? Booze? Spa? And or a whole lot of fun and adventure with your squad? I guess, having fun is the main ingredient of all while planning a perfect bachelorette party. Trust me! The ‘Island of God’ is a perfect destination for throwing a bachelorette party. Beaches, party, nightlife, food- Bali has it all for you.

One of my friends recently shared his experience of his visit to Bali and he loved it to the extent that he decided to have his bachelorette event in Bali itself. Bachelorettes are quite popular in the West, but Bali has become one of the most loved bachelorette destinations in the past few years for Eastern countries. Forget the luxury pool parties, fancy decors, and party planners, you won’t be needing them at all in Bali.

Let me help you plan your bachelorette but with a promise that we’ll be getting an invite as well, lol! Who knows, you might end up planning for your wedding here as well. You’ll be surprised to know that Bollywood Hills by Queen’s Tandoor, a wedding catering service in Bali, offers a great variety of cuisines that is worth trying and then having on for the event.

If you just landed on the Island of Gods, what is the first thing that you wanted to do? I’d want a coffee! But, well, if you’re not a coffee person, trust me you’ll be, by the time you leave the island. You should visit the coffee roaster farm here in Bali, they make the fresh coffee that is the best in taste and texture. The aroma is magical and as they say, ‘a lot can happen over a coffee, it happens here! When you’re with your gang, a coffee-day is all you need to kick start your bachelorette in Bali.

After a refreshing coffee, are you up for off-roading? You can rent a bike for a day or week at different prices. Nature seems more beautiful when looked closely. Having a dining experience with a beach view is great, but what if you can get the same experience in a mountain range after your adventurous walk or the off-riding experience? Well, that’s intimidatingly inviting as I personally never heard of something this awesome. Queen’s India brought this beautiful concept of mountain-view dining experience with ‘Bollywood Hills’, to provide the best wedding catering in Bali amidst the beautiful and serene hills of Bali. Having a spectacular view of the volcanic mountains while enjoying the zaayka of Indian dining in Bali, is what it aims to offer. 

With the belly full of good food, let’s go for some shopping, shall we? If the wedding is your goal, then shopping must be your priority. Bali is a shopper’s delight. Nusa Dua and Ubud’s main market are two main shopping hot spots but there are other’s as well near Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach that are treat to pocket. If you’re good with bargaining, then it’ll be an icing on the cake!

I hope you had a tiring day with all that adrenaline rushing in your body with the mountain off-roading and shopping; a relaxing spa session with soothe your veins and do the magic for you. Though the beaches of Bali is enough for you to relax with you sipping your favourite cocktail but spa’s are too relaxing. With a view of Indian Ocean right outside your window and enjoying a traditional Balinese massage, is a turn on for anyone.

A bachelorette is incomplete without booze after sundown. What is a better place to dance your heart out than a night club? Bali has a long list of nightclubs’ that will bring out the party animal in you. Shake your stress out with the Trend-setters.

Pack your bags and get ready to have the life-time experience on the wonderful ‘Island of God’. 

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