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A Bali travel guide for the solo female traveler. Tips from an Indian restaurant in Seminyak.

Bali is an abode to travelers across the world. As an Indian restaurant in Seminyak, we’ve witnessed all kinds of travelers From the most eccentric ones to the curious ones. From the group travelers to the solo travelers. It is also the perfect picturesque vacation spot for a solo female traveler to unwind and relax. If you wish to go out partying and socializing, you have an option to do that and if it’s some quiet time you seek, there’s no dearth of that either. Here’s a comprehensive guide for the female solo traveler on exploring the beautiful Bali.

Where To Stay

Accommodation is an endless affair in Bali. From the opulent hotels and resorts to the funky hostels and peaceful villas. If you are looking for some downtime then it’s advisable to take advantage of the low currency and book yourself a villa. There’s really no limitation in that. These villas can offer you private pools, ocean or jungle views, comfortable stays and so much more. While all places in Bali are gorgeous, we suggest Ubud for some quiet time. Worried about the food? Fret not! Our Indian restaurant in Ubud will deliver really scrumptious food to your doorstep.

Things To Do

  • Head to the beach: Be it the vast Seminyak beach or the bustling Kuta beach there are some really scenic ones to head to and get a good tan. Dive into some waters sports at the Kuta beach or witness the sunset at the placid Seminyak beach. Don’t forget to experience our luxurious Indian dining in Seminyak if you are hungry.


  • Practice Yoga: Stretch your limbs and practice some yoga. You could either practice it by yourself in your villa or hotel or even take a few classes at The Yoga Barn, one of the popular places for yoga classes in Ubud.


  • Rejuvenate At A Spa: Again, there are a lot of spas in Bali. Each as perfect as the other. There are so many options, so many types of massages and so many budget options to choose from. Once done with a nice replenishing massage, you should head to our restaurant offering amazing Indian dining in Bali.


  • Shopping: The whole of Bali is dotted with beautiful cultural markets. The markets are infiltrated with everything you need. From clothes and accessories to handmade artsy products. If you wish to head for some luxury shopping, the malls are just where you need to go.


Places To Visit

  • Pura Taman Saraswati Temple: Located in central Ubud this temple has been built to honor Goddess Saraswati and offers ample opportunity to sightsee and get amazing pictures. Complete with blossoming lotuses and fountains, this is a perfect place for those seeking tranquility.


  • Biasa Art Space: A beautiful gallery promoting young Balinese and Javanese talents, the place is really a treat to the eyes. Expect to witness everything from paintings, figurines, sculptures and more. Don’t forget to chomp on some Indian food in Seminyak at our restaurant once done exploring this beauty.

This guide for the solo female traveler is perfect for a refreshing and much-needed vacation. To know more, head to or straight to our Indian restaurant in Seminyak or other branches.

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