Indian restaurants in Bali.

An Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Bali Travel Hacks

Bali is and has been favourite tourist spot for the travel lovers, newly-weds, surfer and a short vacation trip that refreshes the mind. If you want to hit the international destinations while ensuring a budget travel experience, this Indonesian Island will make your holiday perfect and refreshing. On this vacation you will get to witness some of the beautiful beaches, impressive culture that binds the traditions and food of Bali, relaxing massage parlours. If you want Indian food in Bali, then there are many Indian restaurants in Bali.

Though, you will get beautiful accommodations, good food, fun activities and travelling at very cheap prices. Here are some tricks or hacks that can make your Bali trip worth remembering:

1. Book your Cab with Grab or Go-Jek instead of a taxi

The easiest way is to get your hotel to arrange pick-up and drop off from the airport. You can also check with your hotel to organize transport for daily travel, if it is cheaper. Normally taxi drivers demand really high prices but with the mobile application like Grab or Go-Jek, one can conveniently order a private cab and pay less than half of normal prices. Booking personal cabs, eliminate the commutation problems to different places such as best beaches in Seminyak or Kuta, best Indian dining in Seminyak or Indian dining in Nusa Dua or best wellness retreats and many more places in Bali.

2. Buy a Prepaid Sim Card.

Chances are that the hotel you booked must be equipped with wi-fi. Almost all restaurants, clubs and beaches are equipped with wi-fi. Therefore, you don’t need a new SIM card. Since connectivity is an important aspect for all. Just to be on the safer side buy a prepaid card with the plan depending up on your stay from Telkomsel. Grab App offers you various cheap schemes and plans.

3. Rent a Scooter

Scooters are a great way to explore the beautiful sceneries. They are available at cheaper prices for 70,000 Indonesian Rupiah ($7) on short term depending upon your stay in Bali. But it is important to wear helmets because bike accidents are common. You will have to refuel your bike at the street shelves filled with bottles of petrol for $10which is cheaper in terms of big gas stations refilling at the cost between 22,000 and 35,000 IDR.

4. Turn On the Bargaining Game

When shopping in Bali, bargaining is a must to get the right commodity at a cheap price. With the right timing and skills, one can bring the price down to half of the one quoted. It is easier to get a cheaper rate as shopkeepers are eager to make the first sale of the day. Do not visit a place recommended by a tour conductor as prices will be higher to ensure commission for him /her. Shopping in Ubud will cost you cheaper than the ones in Seminyak or Kuta. After a great and cheap shopping experience, come down to Indian vegetarian restaurants in Bali for a great Indian dining in Bali.

5. Keep the Cash Handy

Many local stalls, street restaurants and markets in Bali do no accept card payments which would require to carry cash. Therefore, it is a must to carry some cash while exploring local market, crafts and cuisine.

6. Be Smart with Money Exchanging

Be smart with money exchange stores that offers price that too good to be true. There are many authorized foreign exchange stores that offer great rates. You can also visit to banks which are genuine and often prevent yourself from visiting shady stores that offer great rates usually have various ways to create confusion and hand out less cash than promised.

Whether you are planning to go on a family trip or solo or with friends, being aware of few things at all times is a must. It can ensure enhance safety, lower probability of getting duped and an easy and comfortable visit that lets you make the most of the place. Do not forget to visit to Queens of India to have delectable Indian dining in Bali.

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