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Get to Know about the Samosa: an All-Time Favorite Crunchy Indian Snack

India is a colorful nation with impeccable taste buds. Their culinary heads make small snacks with complex flavors and that is their favorite hobby. It is always a good idea to try something new from the menu when you visit any Indian restaurant. You will find a common item on the menu of an Indian restaurant in Bali is- Samosa.

What in the world is a samosa?

Samosa is a local dish that is a street food found in every corner. If you travel to India, you will find samosa in everyone’s hands. It has a classic nature. It is a conical- shaped delicacy. The dough is made of refined flour which is rolled out into thin-layered circles. These are cut into half. It is then rolled into the conical shape and closed with a touch of water, which acts as glue. It is filled with any kind of sautéed vegetables and again closed with water. Though the filling is slightly cooked, the samosa is still raw. Next, it is dipped in hot oil to cook the dough. You may want to try this savory yourself now but to make your life, we have made it is easily available at Queens which offers Indian vegetarian food in Bali, Indonesia.

Fun fact

Indian cooks can make a round bread without using a utensil! It is considered a sign of patience and persistence in Indian culture. And everyone is a cook there.

Why would I even want to taste a samosa?

If this thought has entered your mind then keep reading for your answer. The taste of a samosa starts from the touch. So wash your hands before eating. When you touch a samosa, it’s crunchy on the outside and as you break through the outer layer, it keeps getting soft. A childhood favorite of every Indian adult is the crunchy top part and the base part.

The first bite of a samosa is an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The specialty of Indian food in Seminyak is that it is authentic. The filling varies but always tastes creamy. At Queens, samosa options available are slightly spiced potato and peas, minced meat, and cubed/ shredded chicken. A samosa makes the eater feel the surrounding around. The flavor of samosa compliments the city vibes of Bali. A bite into the samosa is so rich that the world goes silent. The aroma surrounds all your senses. You can feel the aroma of a samosa on your skin!

Eating a samosa for the first time is equivalent to a scene from the movie; Ratatouille. When the critic eats the dish ratatouille for the first time to write a review about it, he freezes and nostalgia hits him due to the awesomeness of the taste.

Now if you are wondering, what could be better than eating this Indian savory dish, then think of eating samosa with another Indian savory element known as chutney. Find out more about this exquisite savory item in the set menu of the best Indian restaurant in Bali! Go to the snacks section of the menu.

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