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Hygiene, one of the most important factors to qualify as one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali. Look for these factors.

Running a restaurant as well as aiming to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali comes with a whole lot of responsibility. The most important aspect of running a restaurant is maintaining hygiene. Not only is it a sure-shot way of assuring a high footfall but any restaurant cannot afford to have their diners fall sick due to the lack of hygiene. Of course, then a lackluster attitude towards hygiene and maintenance is surely unpermissible. There are certain standards every restaurant ought to follow. Thus, here’s how we at Queens ensure that these standards are followed to the T.


With a large quantity of food to manage, it’s essential that the storage is done right. First thing’s first, we make sure that the storage unit and the fridge are cleaned at least twice a month. Next comes organization. We organize our products on the basis of their expiry dates. All the new products are stocked in the back and the older ones in front. This ensures that there is no wastage and only fresh items are being used. Moreover, we use air-tight and sealed containers to maintain product freshness. Lastly, we’ve invested in a powerful refrigerator that keeps the food temperature between 0-8 degree Celsius. Thus, we as an Indian restaurant in Bali ensure fresh and hygienic food by maintaining a good storage space.


The next important factor of maintaining good hygiene is the way we prepare our delectable Indian food in Bali. Firstly, all the staff members are provided with gloves and hairnets. Other than that, raw and ready to eat foods are kept separately when stored so as to combat cross-contamination. Secondly, we pay extra attention to the cooking process, we make sure that the food is properly cooked which also leads to the killing of bacteria. When it comes to chicken and poultry we ensure that food is first defrosted and only then cooked.


Our packaging is always full-proof. Whether you have leftover food packed from the restaurant or order from us, our packaging is always done with excelling precision. Hot foods are kept separate from the cold ones so that their ideal temperatures don’t change. Moreover, the items are always packed in air-tight containers so as to avoid any leakage. Thus, whenever you order from our Indian restaurant in Bali Indonesia trust that to deliver professionally packaged and fresh food.

Pest Control & Waste Management

It goes without saying, pest control is a must. Having rodents on your property or even worse, in your food can be really bad. Thus, we get pest control done at regular intervals. Apart from that waste food is stored in pest-free containers far away from where the fresh food is being prepared. We also have a proper and consistent waste management system in place, thus, bacteria and rodents can never make their way into our restaurant or kitchen. There is really nothing to worry about at Queens Tandoor Bali.

Upholding these standards is our top priority as one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali. So, you can blindly trust the food and dining experience that you have with us.


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