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Adventure activities to do in Bali; insights from one of the best restaurants in Bali

If you are ever under the impression that Bali is all calm and quiet, then as one of the best restaurants in Bali, we’re here to change that perception for you. While surely it’s a haven for all the peace-seekers, the adventure junkies too can find an abode here. As is well-known Bali is never low on things to do and the adventure activities are ample too. Especially considering how the island has everything from peaks to beaches and waterfalls to oceans and forests, of course, there’s a whole lot to do there. Here’s an insight on all the cool activities, you thrill-seekers can indulge in.


The presence of the vast oceans, obviously calls for some diving sessions. Well, this form of diving, known as freediving is diving without the oxygen tank. Yes! Surely one of the rather relaxing yet challenging activities, it will leave you in awe of what nature has to offer. From beautiful lapping waves to all sorts of fishes and the unending and colorful Coral Reef. Most freediving centers are found around Amed because you can free dive to a shipwreck in the ocean of a 1942 Japanese submarine. We’ve heard amazing things about this activity from the customers who visit our Indian restaurant in Bali Nusa Dua.

Off-Road Trails

With beautiful jungles strewn across Bali, there has been a hike in off-road exploration by a mountain bike or an off-road buggy. The activity is like a dream to the curious traveler, for you get to see the most unexplored nooks of the island on the local off-road vehicles called “Fin Komodos.” Enjoy a nice session of cycling along challenging routes and end with a dip in the hot spring in those unexplored areas. Once done, replenish your famished tummies with some Indian food in Bali at our restaurant.

Kite Surfing

Water sports are of course a highlight of Bali. One of them being kitesurfing. Well, it’s almost like surfing, except you, are hoisted up with the help of a large controllable power kite that allows you to jump in the air and do other fun and crazy things. The Bali winds are just perfect for the sport. You can find many schools that can equip even novices to enjoy it. Once done and dusted, feel free to chomp on some super delicious Indian food in Kuta.

Volcano Climbing

A perfect trek to witness the most scenic sunrise. Of course, that means compromising on your night’s sleep. Head down to the base of Mount Batur and start a challenging trek up to the peak at 4 in the morning. Only then will you be able to witness the amazing sunrise from this 1,717 meters high peak. While you do not need any equipment, it surely is a challenging trek. Wear sturdy trek shoes that can prevent you from getting hurt on the little pointy stones across the path. Once you are done taking in something as excellent as this, have a filling breakfast at our restaurant offering Indian dining in Ubud.

We hope these activities are enough to satisfy your adventure cravings.

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