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The honeymoon guide Bali; where to go, stay and more. Insight from Queens of India Bali

Honeymoons are truly special and a way to celebrate your marriage. From what to explore and where to stay, we at Queens of India Bali can help you plan the perfect trip. The land of the most picturesque views, sites, and beaches, the place is truly magical and surely makes for the perfect location to celebrate love. You could do that through the ample amount of adventure activities the island offers or through some nice romantic dinners or maybe by just relaxing in your beautiful villa. There’s a whole lot to do. Although the Bali currency is pretty low, that can very well be a factor for people to spend freely, thus, it’s essential to plan beforehand.

Here’s all you can do for your honeymoon in Bali


Depending on how you plan to spend your time should you book your accommodation. If you plan to explore more then a simple cheaper room in a hostel or hotel should do. However, if you plan to spend your honeymoon lazying around indoors then a beautiful villa is what you should go for. Thankfully, Bali has no dearth of those and that too at affordable prices. Talking of affordable ones, you’d find most of them in the beautiful Kuta. Moreover, Kuta is also one of the popular tourist areas so if you plan to head for a night of partying, you can do that too. If you are worried about the food, you can definitely have it delivered from our Indian restaurant in Bali Kuta.

Spend Time Doing This

  • Witness a sunset on the cruise: Water is practically everywhere around Bali. That, of course, calls for beautiful cruises. There are so many that you can book and witness some really beautiful sunsets on the deck. Or have a nice candle light dinner in Bali while you are at it!
  • Romantic walk at Kuta Beach: It doesn’t get better than a romantic walk along the beach. Surely this is a beautiful way to spend some real quality time with one another while the waves lap at the shore. Witness a sunset and maybe lie down for a bit for some stargazing. Once done go ahead and have a lovely dinner at our Indian restaurant in Kuta.
  • Trek up to Pura Luhur Uluwatu: Looking for some privacy along with picturesque views? Trek up to Pura Luhur in Uluwatu. Reach to the top and witness a lovely view of the ocean just below the cliff. It will surely take your breath away. Get some gorgeous pictures while you are at it.
  • Have romantic dinner at one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali: Queens of India offers some really delicious Indian food and a beautiful ambiance as well. If you wish to be wooed away with some lovely food and soothing music, Queen’s is the place for you for a romantic dinner date.
  • Head to a coffee plantation: Love coffee? Explore one of the beautiful coffee fields in Bali. They are green, vast and super calming. Explore some delicious flavored coffees with your partner. The view too will leave you asking for more!
  • A private beach holiday: If you need some privacy and quiet time in each other’s company then Gili island has some really beautiful beaches. And these beaches have resorts which can offer you the whole beachfront to yourself.

We’re sure that all this makes for the most beautiful honeymoon. Don’t forget to chomp on delicious food at Queens of India Bali.


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