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Local Drinks You Must-Have on Your Bali Trip

One of the major joys of visiting a foreign country is exploring the culture. The best way to explore the culture is to try out the local food and drinks. You can try out many Balinese local dishes and drinks on the streets. There are many refreshing traditional drinks on the island as they have come up from the varied villages that produce them throughout the highlands and coastal areas. If you want to try out the best Indian food in Bali, there are many Indian restaurants in Bali that serve delicious food.

Here are some local drinks that you should try in Bali. Especially when you’re looking for something beyond water or canned sodas to quench your thirst on a sunny day on the island:

1. Es cincau- Black glass jelly, on ice

This local drink in very popular throughout most of Southeast Asia, black jelly. It locally known as cincau. The jelly is made from the leaves of the Chinese mesona plant which is usually sold in market in instant powdered form. After processing, the jelly is cut in slices or cubes and is served with coconut milk, syrup and ice, or with condensed milk. This local drink has the capacity to aid in easing fevers, hypertension and constipation. Try this local refreshing drink with flavourful Indian dining in Bali.

2. Es kelapa muda – Iced Young Coconut

This local drink is typically one of the best natural drinks and is available on any of the tropical beaches. Coconuts are refreshing and are readily available. The only thing you have to do is get your young coconut at the top, stick in a straw and sip it away. But Balinese people have their own way of preparing it with the soft flesh thinly scooped and a half-slice cut and squeezed lime, sugar syrup and ice added. You can find it on wheel carts, roadside warung walls and many Indian restaurants in Bali.

3. Arak – Rice Wine (White)

The local drink is high in alcohol content. Extra caution has to be taken when trying it. This Bali’s traditional spirit is made from brewed white rice. Try only bottled and labeled versions of Arak that are manufactured in modern distilleries and factories on the island, such as the Dewi Sri Label. The wine is usually mixed with chilled cocktails. Arak and different versions of Arak are used in religious ceremonies as part of offerings.

4. Jamu – A Javanese Herbal Drink

This a traditional herbal drink that comes from neighbouring island of Java. Made from natural ingredients, such as roots, barks, flowers, seeds and leaves of certain plants this herbal drink is enjoyed all throughout Indonesia. Honey, milk and eggs are added sometimes to enhance the taste.  National brand stalls such as Sidomuncul and Djamu Djago can be found at traditional markets. These are available for very cheap prices. 

5. Bintang – Indonesia’s Favourite Beer

Spend your sunny beaches and good days having chilled Bintang Beer. Most people consider drinking this beer on vacation even when it is not produced on the island. It has brewery based in Tangerang, just outside Jakarta in West Java, Bintang. It is established as Heineken during Dutch colonial rule in 1929. Tourists love and ask for it at the bars, restaurants and even at the beach.

There are many other local drinks that are a must-try. Bali is a perfect destination for a variety of food and drinks. Trying the good drinks at every place brings us closer to their culture. Their food menu varies according to the occasion. While the whole Bali has a variety of fantastic food and drinks options, the only best place for the best Indian food in Bali is the Queens of India, Bali

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