Serangan Turtle Island bali

Serangan Turtle Island. A secret about Bali from an Indian restaurant in Ubud

Serangan Island has located 10 km south of Denpasar. Being a nesting ground for green sea turtles, it is also referred to as Turtle Island. Due to increasing tourism activity, it is getting harder to see the turtles in open water while swimming or surfing. Serangan Island is a miniature isle connected with Bali by a bridge and being a semi-national park area. Serangan Island is also home to Sakenan Temple, which is located on the north-western shore of Serangan. It was built by high priest Mpu Kuturan in the tenth century.

The weather of Serangan Island is hot and humid. The Serangan Island is considered to be the least-visited attractions in Bali but due to several features of this small Island make it a stand out. Eastern side of Serangan Island is famous for its water sports like surfing, snorkeling. It was also chosen among the three main venues for the first Asian Beach Games held in Bali in 2008. They hosted surfing and windsurfing. Feeling hungry after the fun with water? Want something Indian? No worries you are just 20 minutes away from the delicious Indian food by the Best Indian restaurant in Seminyak.

The island’s population is mostly in the fishing industry. A Bugis Muslim community lives harmoniously along with the predominantly Hindu residents. Sakenan temple consists of two significant areas: the largest part having undergone renovation except for antique walls around the temple grounds and the smaller part that retains its old features. The old temple was built of limestone and corals sourced from surrounding coastal reefs. Tourists those who want to explore the different cultures must-visit this temple.

Pujawali or the grand celebrations and the pidolan anniversary of Sakenan temple falls on every Kliwon Kuningan Saturday, the day of the Kuningani observation in the Balinese 210 – day pawukon calendar Access to the Sakenan Temple and the Serangan Island is easy via the bridge. During the three-day celebrations, entrance fees apply to both pilgrims and visitors on cars and motorcycles, several rituals and dances are performed during the height of pidolan celebrations during the Kuningan weekend. A temple’s visit is very hectic during these occasions. So if you are feeling hungry, we have got you covered. Serangan Island is just a 15-minute drive from the delectable Indian dining In Kuta.

The best time to visit Serangan island depends on what type of pleasure you are looking for. It offers various conditions for activities and chilling on the beach. For the surfers, the best time is early morning with the high tide when there is no wind and the waves are perfect. If you are traveling with your family, then it is advisable to come during the low tides, when it becomes a natural swimming pool surrounded by a protective reef, becomes shallow and warm. Serangan Island has the Turtle conversation project ongoing due to many economic activities. Eventually, it contributed to the extinction of the turtle. Therefore, the project has been initiated to save the turtles.

Bali has got all the diversity to make your trip memorable. You have fantastic places to discover, water sports and many other places that you must try once. Bali is full of exciting places and adventures. One must-visit place is Serangan Island, which is known for its beauty and calmness. Don’t forget to visit the best Indian restaurants in Bali near this Island.

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