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Why you need to witness Indian dining in Bali and how is it an experience in its own.

Traveling around, exploring new places and trying new cuisines in Bali sounds like a lot of fun. And it is. It’s amazing getting out of your comfort zone, your city or your country. You get to experience new cultures and all that is unique to them. However, there are times you end up missing home while you traipse around. The warmth, comfort, and love, you are surrounded by, can make you homesick. Thus, when you do feel that way, going back and stuffing yourself with some much needed Indian food in Bali can really help. Moreover, it is truly an experience in its own.

Here’s why you should definitely try Indian dining in Bali.

An Experience

You’ve had some delicious Nasi Goreng and the innumerable delicacies the streets of Bali have to offer. That’s great too because trying local cuisine matters. However, there might come a time where you might miss home and end up craving some good ole’ Indian food or wherever you are in Bali. Don’t hesitate or hold back and head straight to an Indian restaurant to get that feeling of home which is sure to energize you to hit the road again. Moreover, its an experience in its own, seeing your own cuisine, customs and culture being upheld in a completely different country can feel really nice.


Many a time it becomes essential for people to eat only delicious Indian food. There are families who might come here for a vacation and they might not necessarily be interested in giving the local food a try. Moreover, many Indian families follow vegetarianism and in a place like Bali, there can be a scarcity of that. You might find seafood and rice in abundance here. But rice is just not enough to sustain yourself your a week or more straight. In such cases, an Indian restaurant becomes a saving grace for such families.


Many travelers are usually on a budget. Thus, it can potentially waste money if you eat something you are not sure would be good. This is not to say that do try the local cuisine but there are times that you want to be sure that whatever you eat is good. The tiredness can take over sometimes to be trying new things every day. Thus, an Indian restaurant in Bali on some days is really not a bad idea. Not only does it help save money but also ensures that you are full, satisfied and not homesick.

Cultural Barrier

Knowing the customs of a new country can be difficult sometimes. You might be unaware of what is paired with what, how their etiquettes work and more. On the other hand, certain terms could mean something completely different for people in another country than for you. There was an instance where an Indian family in Malaysia asked for a completely vegetarian meal. However, for them, vegetarian constitutes something rather different. The family was served a rice dish but with small fish pieces in it. Thus, these cultural barriers can be confusing too. So if you are not in the mood to figure out how things work then head to any of the indian vegetarian restaurants in bali.

That is why experiencing Indian dining in Bali can be a refreshing one and there’s a lot you wouldn’t have to worry about.


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