5 must-visit temples in Bali

5 must-visit temples in Bali, as suggested by one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali

A beautiful island town with culture abound, Bali covers all ends of the spectrum. From being the party capital to offering quiet spots as well as well-preserved glimpses into their culture. As one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali, we decided to let you in on some of the beautiful and wondrous Bali temples. These temples capture an undeniably rustic vibe and take you deep within the annals of Balinese history. Make sure you visit these 5 temples when you head to Bali.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the six main Hindu temples in Bali. Located on the top of the cliff, the temple offers amazing views of the clear blue waters below. It is truly a sight to behold. The temple is known to not only offer a peaceful experience but splendid sunsets too. It allows one to witness sunsets from the cliff unhindered. Head down there late afternoon, for the sunset and to also witness the Kecak dance that happens here every day from 6pm-7pm. Pretty close to an Indian restaurant in Bali Kuta, you can head down for scrumptious dinner after having witnessed the wondrous temple.

Gunung Lebah Temple

If you wish to witness something completely different then head down to Campuhan and witness the Gunung Lebah Temple. Nestled among lush trees and ample greenery you can expect to witness an admirable architecture complete with stone carvings. The most beautiful part about this temple is that it is located on the Campuhan hill which is surrounded by the scenic Oos and Cerik rivers. So you are sure to experience spirituality and a beautiful connect with nature. Once you have satiated your soul by witnessing this temple, go ahead and satiate your hunger at our restaurant offering Indian dining in Ubud.

Gunung Kawi Temple

One of the ancient properties, this temple is very rustic and requires a little more effort to witness it’s beauty. One has to walk along the footpath and the 371 stairs that lead one up to this cliff temple. All your efforts would be paid once you’ll be treated to some lovely views of rice fields and the valleys full with lush greenery as you trudge up to the calming temple. After this beautiful experience head down to our restaurant to replenish yourself with some delectable Indian food in Ubud.

Besakih Temple

This the largest and the holiest Hindu temple in Bali. It is actually a temple complex that incorporates plenty of other temples and is located 900m from the slopes of Mount Agung. Being as it is a really big property it can take almost a day to explore the whole complex, thus visitors mostly prefer visiting Penataran Agung Temple dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Once done exploring this never-ending wonder head down to an Indian restaurant in Kuta.

Goa Lawah Temple

Across the beautiful black sand beach, the Goa Lawah temple is built in front of a large cave inhabited by a lot of bats. Again one of the main Hindu temples, this too will offer you a complete calming experience. Moreover, it makes for an added trip to the village Pesinggahan where the temple is located.

Witness all these temples for a complete trip and an insight into the Balinese culture. Remember to head down to one best Indian restaurants in Bali, Queens and you’ll be treated to some of the most delicious delicacies.



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