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A Snack Essential for Indian Dining in Bali, Papad: Have it at The Best Indian Restaurant

Boring, heavy, almost bland basket of assorted breads is a thing of the westerners. What everyone’s life requires is crispy, airy and fulfilling basket of assorted papads, best with green mint coriander dipping sauce.

It is traditional of Indian restaurants in India to serve a basket of assorted papad as an amuse bouche. So, obviously any patron coming through the doors of Queens for Indian Cuisine in Bali, will be served with this complimentary mouth amuser. Papads are starch wafers that are pre- prepared, dried in the hot sun, and freshly fried/ baked or roasted (as per preference) till cooked to reach the dining table.

 How To Eat Papad?

‘How to eat papad?’ is a good question if the reader isn’t Indian. There are interesting ways to consume condiment, called papad.

Papad has a few combinations with different ingredients. Club it with Daal and rice, or simply consume it with salad, it will add depth to the flavor. Tasting papad paired with prawns is like finding a hidden gem. The flavor is exquisite. Prawn in all Indian curries available at Queens- Indian restaurant in Kuta can be paired with papad. Chicken bathed in explosion of Indian curry flavors also have quite the couple with papad. Add it to your plate and take a bite of your Indian bread with crumbled papad and the Chicken curry. You will be surprised by the power of just a condiment. As an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bali, it is a duty to inform all our patrons that Achari Paneer Tikka needs to be just once tasted with papad. A culinary enchantress, the Mughlai special of the world- Biryani, can be taken to a whole new platform with papad.

 Un- hung-over With Papad

Papads in a few forms are ethnic hangover cures in India. Papads are a category of Indian food in Bali and can cure hangovers here despite the obvious geographic distance.

Papads soak up the alcohol in the digestive system as soon as it is devoured. A masala papadum, a combination of papad topped with spiced diced salad and a squeeze of lemon has all the elements a human adult requires to cure their hangover. Lemon is a source of Vitamin D which helps with the hangover headache. Salad is light nutritious and satisfies a hungry stomach of a hangover body. And papad simply does its job of soaking up the alcohol. Papad with curd and some sugar also help break hangover.

 Breaking Women’s Plight With Papad

Papad is an everyday commodity in India. It is a household product. But papad isn’t just a snack. Indian women produce commercial quantities and sell them to all consumers. Many women in India sell home-made condiments all over to earn the extra bucks that they need for their household. Each papad at Indian dining in Bali, Queens is made with the entrepreneurial spirit of an empowered local Indian Women.

A bite is bound to blow the inductor away because Papad doesn’t go in the stomach, it goes in the heart.

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