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An Ultimate Guide to Best Beach Clubs in Bali

If you are on a vacation in Bali, there are many things that are worth a try that island offers.  From Bali’s best beaches to best wellness retreats or exploring various arts, foods and drinks, and much more. There’s always a side left unexplored at Bali. One cannot only lie in the sun all day at the beach. Bali has the perfect beach clubs when it comes to partying at awesome beach clubs.

Bali has some of the great mix of beach clubs at the southern coast of the island spread across nearby islands and hidden below pristine cliffs. These beach clubs have brought Mediterranean style vibes to tropical island. Here are all the best beach clubs in Bali where you can have a great time on the coast:

1. Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is one of the most famous hotspots on the island. It is situated in Seminyak. The club has taken the bar upwards for making the nightlife. The club also provides dining in-front of beach. It also features dedicated areas for dining and drinking. The club offers a modern and minimalist approach to architecture. The Tree Bar features playful shades and textures reminiscent of a tropical forest setting. There are many international dishes on offer at Ku De Ta. It also has own in-house international DJ team that compile its own series of compilation albums and present chill-out moments. While in Seminyak, you can also try out many places that serve delectable Indian cuisine in Seminyak.  

2. Potato Head Beach Club

The club is the most happening and chilled-out venue in Seminyak. It has a very quirky architecture which includes the patchwork of old and worn teakwood window shutters. The beachfront bar is surrounded by grass where people usually sunbathe. An infinity pool along with standing tables is arranged around the grounds. A small kids pool is also arranged at the Potato Head beach club. International DJ and celebrities take the stage in front of an ocean backdrop and lively crowds gather at the central lawn. Potato Head Beach Club also plays regular host for international EDM festivals. There is a variety of foods that you can choose from seafood, authentic Indonesian cuisines and casual pizzas.

3. Surf & Turf Beach Club

Surf & Turf Beach Club is a great beach in Nusa Dua if you want to have some light beers and bites, cocktails and some adventure thrills at its waterpark. It has a beachfront view. The water park has several waterslides including a circling slide called the ‘space bowl’ which is a huge hit with the young vibe at heart. If you are craving for Indian food, then you must try the best Indian food in Nusa Dua which serves the delectable Indian food across Bali.

 4. HQ Beach Club

This is the very famous club at the hotel Grand Inaa hotel, Kuta. It has a beachfront venue fit for holidaying with families and friends. It is located on the Kuta coastline. There is a swimming pool on the raised platform right next to the beach. There is a lap pool sandwiched between two different restaurants serving Japanese and other regional specialties. If you are craving Indian food, then you must try the best Indian food in Kuta which serves the delectable Indian food across Bali.

5. Vue Beach Club

Vue beach club is located in the surfer neighbourhood of Canggu. It is a part of Lv8 Resort Hotel and has a massive beachfront with complete ocean views.  The club has a sleek cosmopolitan feel thanks to the elaborate cocktails served at the bar and the international DJs regularly spinning at the decks. The music ranges from ambient house to pumping EDM, depending on the event and time of the night. Vue Beach Club is ideally positioned for sunset gazing over the Indian Ocean while sipping a cold drink or enjoying dinner off the international menu

There are many other beach clubs that encompass a perfect blend of view, music, fun activities, food, and drinks. Just let yourself go with the flow and you will discover incredible places that you have never thought of. The atmosphere in all of these beach clubs is something you want to soak up, so give yourself a break and get hypnotized by the beats. It has everything from the traditional, bohemian to the Mediterranean aesthetic and ambiance. Don’t forget to visit the best Indian dining in Bali for a flavourful experience.

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