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Adventurous trip in Bali: Insights from one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali

One of the most popular and adventurous travel destinations in the world is Bali. It is known as the ‘Island of Gods’ and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the middle of Indonesia. Being surrounded by many beautiful seas and beaches it is a perfect plan for a holiday, honeymoon or bachelor’s trip.

Bali has a huge number of attractions from enjoying temples, caves, waterfalls to spending relaxing hours in clubs, restaurants, massage parlours or have a candlelight dinner with your loved ones in a yacht or near the beach. There are many restaurants that serve delicious Indian food in Bali.

1. Go surfing in Bali

If you want to enjoy some gentle waves, then you can go surfing at Kuta beach in Bali. The beach is situated across sharp and rolling coral reefs. You can rent a board and learn surfing or you can rent a bodyboard if you want to try something tough.

2. Spend precious movements with your loved ones at Bali Treetop Adventure Park.

Spend your adventure-packed afternoon with your loved ones at Bali Treetop Adventure Park.
You can find a range of rides surrounded by lush green forests. Range of different circuits made up of nets, swings and flying foxes that are located high up in the trees that let you fly through the air and lets you cherish a breath-taking views of the forest canopy.

3. Strap on a jetpack at Tanjung Benoa

If you want to try different water sports, Tanjung Benoa is the place to come for a jetpack which will let you fly up into the sky up to a height of 10 meters and a session usually lasts around 20 minutes.

4. Visit the paddy fields of Tabanan

Explore the lush green paddies across the area of Tabanan. Those who want to know how the rice is grown and harvested can visit this place in Bali. You can splash your foot in mud in paddy fields if you are feeling adventurous.

5. Have a visit to the chocolate factory

You may not know that Indonesia is one of the producers of cocoa in the world. If you are a big fan of chocolate, you can visit Pod chocolate Factory and observe the growing cocoa and chocolate making.

6. Go wreck diving at Tulamben
Wreck dive underwater at Tulamben. You can find the wrecks of USAT Liberty which were sunk here during the second world war. It is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. You can find huge underwater creatures, colourful fans and large coral garden under the water.

7. Have dinner along the beachside

One of the amazing things to do is enjoy the food across the sunset scene at Bali beaches with your loved ones. Many restaurants place their tables on the sand and customers can enjoy walking on the sandy beachside when they walk to their table. If you are finding a Best Indian restaurants in Bali, then Queen’s tandoor covers you well.

8. Rejuvenate yourself at a spa

One of the special things Bali is known for is its spa and massage experiences. Get the load off your shoulders by a relaxing massage at one of the places like Ubud or Kuta beach. Bali is one of the places that you can choose for getting a massage.

9. Partying at night club in Bali

Bali’s nightlife scene emerges as the sun sets over Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian with the amazing collection of bars and pubs. You can chill with your loved ones over a beer or groove with vodka. The clubs of Bali set a perfect ambience for you and lets you groove in the majestic vibes of the island.

10. Discover the hidden waterfall in Sukawati

Bali is known for its beauty and majestic waterfalls. One of the beautiful waterfalls is Sekumpul Waterfall which lies in the lush valley and is meant to be a sacred spot in Bali.

Despite being an island, Bali has got all the diversity to make your trip memorable. You have fantastic places to discover, water sports that you must try once. Bali is full of exciting places and adventures. It will easily take you a month to cover all the places. It is the hardest part of any vacation where to go and what to see first. Bali has also covered you in a great variety of food. You don’t have to worry about what to eat in Bali if you just plan a visit at The Queens Tandoor for the rest of your tummy calls.

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