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The Best Way to Enjoy Art and Music on Your Bali Trip

The culture of Bali is famous for its music, art, dance and theatre. Balinese people love spending their time working on arts and crafts using their ancient and traditional techniques. As an Indian restaurant in Bali, it is our responsibility to tell you the best way to enjoy its culturally famous art and music on your trip to Bali. Do not forget to dine deliciously at Indian dining in Bali Kuta during your vacation. To plan the perfect Bali trip you need to know what things you can do and what events you can pay a visit to enjoy their art and music. 

Bali Arts Festival

If you wish to witness the culture, music, art and madness at one place then Bali Arts Festival is a must to attend. It is a month-long affair, centred in the province’s capital, Denpasar, featuring all of Bali’s most epic cultural displays- be it music, art, dance or artistry, the Bali Arts Festival is considered the life and blood of the Balinese people. People from all over the island, as well as tourists, gather to attend and participate in parades and events that revolve around a particular theme every year. The festival is celebrated on 15th June to 14th July, which is based on a particularly new theme every year. It does not only include competitions in the traditional arts and those in documentary film screenings, handicrafts, literature, painting and photography, but also an array of food stalls, flower arrangements, fashion, and crafts booths, photography competitions, culinary festivals, loaded with the best of Bali. 

Bali Arts and Handicrafts

The culture of Bali is famous for its traditions, artistry. Balinese artists traditionally produced only religious art for depicting myths.

–      Balinese Paintings

Simple painting style with natural dye made of cotton flower and rice starch looks like the paintings found in “wayang kulit” (shadow puppetry from Java). Nowadays, newer schools of artists have experimented with more modern forms of art, and a wide range of artistic approaches can now be seen in the art galleries across Bali, as well as in hotels, cafes, and restaurants that sometimes have exhibits showing. Artists of all types and skill levels sell their paintings to tourists, at reasonable prices that depend on the artist and his or her talents. There are many museums and paintings galleries where these paintings can be found in Ubud and Sukawati, such as Rudana, Arma, Blanco and Puri Lukian Musem.  

–        Wood and stone carvings

Balinese wood and stone carvings is another beautiful form of ancient art. The village of Mas is famous for its wood carvings. Wooden statues of human and animal figures are common, but even furniture, fixtures, and door frames are often adorned with flowers, landscapes, and traditional themes by skilled craftsmen. Carvings can be bought as souvenirs in all parts of Bali, varying from cheap and charming to intricate and unique.

Nature plays an important part in daily life to Balinese people. Therefore stonework is an important part of their arts & crafts. The village of Batubulan is famous for its stone carvings, but there are enclaves of stonemasons in areas such as Kerobokan and Denpasar. Also, the shops of the markets in Bali have the stone cravings carved on their entrances which acts as a ‘security’.  

Bali has got you covered with the best and cheap shopping experience where you can find a treasure trove of items ranging from fine art and handicrafts, unique homewares, antiques, delicately carved jewellery, wooden sculptures, and woven and dyed fabrics. Bali is where international and world-famous designer brands can be found right beside local and handmade curios. Art markets are favourites for souvenirs and bargain hunters. Do not forget to order your favourite dish from the best Indian restaurants in Bali because even if you are tired, we got your bellies covered. 

The Music culture of Bali  

The traditional music of Bali is an ensemble called the gamelan. It derives its name from the Javanese word ‘gamel’ meaning mallet used to strike instruments. Although it primarily includes percussive instruments, the gamelan involves other instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, bamboo flutes, gongs, and drums called kendhang. Men and women typically perform in separate gamelan groups. 

The Balinese gamelan differs from the slow, meditative Javanese gamelan in its quick beats and tempo. It is performed as an accompaniment to Balinese dances, wayang puppet performances, and religious ceremonies. Bali has its own varieties of gamelan such as gamelan Jegog, Gamelan Selonding, gamelan Gambang and gamelan Kebyar. Have an exotic meal after the exotic performance by Balinese people at Queens of India Bali.

Along with its traditional music, Bali is a hub for clubs and musicians too. These musicians and DJs are some of the well known worldwide and their musical beats will make you feel a totally different vibe than traditional music. This diversity makes the music culture of Bali to stand out.  

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