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Favorite dishes of some of the top Indian politicians

It’s election season! While the most gripping and monumental Indonesian elections happened not even a month ago, the seven-phase Indian elections are still in process and equally as gripping. While the former’s parliamentary and legislative elections took place on the same day, the latter is going to span across a month through the nation. Being as elections are such a trending topic and almost everyone is talking about them we decided to add our own little twist to it. We thus decided to run our research deep and find out about the favorite dishes of some of the popular Indian politicians.

Who doesn’t love some good Indian food? Moreover, food is important! You’ll at least know what your favorite politicians’ favorite dishes are. That is important to know before you decide who you want to run the country, right? Well, for us it surely is! Get to know your leader a bit better with some of their favorite dishes and what they cannot resist.

Narendra Modi

Starting off with the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Hailing from the culinary extraordinaire state of Gujarat, his taste buds prefer rather simple flavors. Thus, he loves himself a light bowl of Khichdi. A runny concoction of Mung bean lentils and rice, Khichdi is amply beneficial for the stomach and helps aid digestion. A Prime Minister needs to stay fit after all. Apart from that, he loves himself some Gujarati delicacies of course; Khatta Dhokla, Undhiyo, Besan Khandvi & more.

Amit Shah

BJP’s (a famous Indian political party) president Amit Shah, too follows in the footsteps of the Prime Minister and keeps it light and simple with his favorite dishes. One that tops the list is the Poha, a perfect Indian snack, also suitable as a healthy breakfast option. Packed with nutrients these flattened rice flakes also help aid digestion. Seeing as the man has to be on his toes at all times, this makes for a quick and easy breakfast.

Rahul Gandhi

President of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is known for his rather Delhiite preferences. And Delhi means street food. Well, what better street food to be found on the streets of Delhi than a steaming hot plate of momos and the spicy chutney to accompany it. He is quite the connoisseur actually, for his love for food just doesn’t end there. He’s also a fan of the lip-smacking Lucknowi kebabs and biryanis, Thai food and even seafood.

Sonia Gandhi

Another inspiration in the Indian political world, Sonia Gandhi hails from the beautiful town of Italy which is also where she met Rajiv Gandhi. Having married an Indian politician she decided to move countries for him and accustomed herself well to saris and daals. Well, one never forgets his/her roots, childhood flavors and food always stays close to your heart, it’s no exception for Sonia Gandhi too, she still loves some homely pasta and salads. She is also known to make some of the most scrumptious red chili oil which makes for an excellent salad base.

Arvind Kejriwal

The Delhi chief minister, unfortunately, struggles with diabetes and thus, keep with him a pack of digestive biscuits to satisfy the hunger pangs as he goes around campaigning. Not clearly a fan of spicy food, he truly is a personification of you are what you eat. He is as simple as the simple bowl of home-cooked Moong Dal, or the fried chanas that one could spot him munching on. Considering that he is diabetic too, he is required to eat every 2-3 hours and keeps himself replenished through the day with fruits and juices.

Smriti Irani

This powerhouse of a woman is all about food. Not only does she love hogging on delicious foods but is also an expert at whipping up some really delicious dishes. While she has an appreciation for all kinds of cuisines, her love for the Parsi food tops the list. While she was married into an Iranian family, she still prefers herself some Sali botis and Dhansaks. Also, if you do not believe that she could be a big-time foodie head to her Instagram profile and see it infiltrated with pictures of food.

Sushma Swaraj

A little surprising but the Indian external affairs minister is known to plan her diet according to planetary alignments. Yes! She is big on astrology. So expect her to be chomping on white foods on Monday, seeing how Monday is ruled by the moon. While that is one twisted yet interesting fact about this badass politician, she loves herself some occasional gol gappe, fattening yet mouthwatering kachoris and the comforting home-made aloo paranthas dripping in some good amount of butter.

Alas, these were some of the favorites dishes of the top politicians in India. We know you too can relate to some of these.

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