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Getting to Campuhan Ridge in Ubud on your next Bali trip

The picturesque Ubud is filled with sceneries of serenity. There’s so much natural beauty here that you’d never be short of places to go for nature walks. What’s also amazing about Ubud is our quaint yet bustling Indian restaurant in Ubud, standing amidst the market space. Head over there at any point and you’ll be treated to warm and delicious Indian food in Ubud.

Here’s all you need to know before heading to the Campuhan Ridge on your next Bali Trip.

What You’d Witness

Encompassed by the sceneries of jungles and forests rather than rice terraces, the walk offers a paved pathway which you can follow. Deep into the natural side of Ubud, you can expect to see many trees and hills as well. Yes, you can witness rice fields but only if you walk a considerable distance. However, that can tire you out, so instead, finish your walk and treat yourself to a breakfast of Indian food in Ubud at Queens of India Bali.

When to Go


Indian restaurant in Bali.

Aim to start the walk really early in the morning so that you do not melt in the sweltering heat. Afternoons are the worst idea because the scorching sun can really drain you out and evening timing can make it difficult to walk in the dark. Yes, you could surely, try late afternoon, but the ultimate aim is to go when the weather is slightly pleasant and cool. You’d also bump into a few locals early in the morning, so a good way to strike a nice conversation too. The walk is also rather close to a restaurant offering Indian dining in Ubud. So head to the one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali and eat the Best Indian food to your heart’s content.

How to Get There

Begin with heading to the IBAH spas and villas, follow the driveway next to it and you’d witness another IBAH sign below which you’ll be pointed to the hill by another sign. Just follow that sign and you’d see one more sign at the foot of the hill. Following this sign, you’ll see stairs that you can take to start your trek. You’d also get to witness a beautiful temple on the way. This trek will surely be the highlight of your Bali trip and so will be the delicious food you have at one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Bali, Queens Tandoor.

How Long Will It Take

Considering you’d take a walk from the IBAH sign to Karsa cafe and back it will take about 2 hours. This is considering the little pit stops you might take to rest or take pictures and videos and that you will! So if you start by 6:30-7:00 am, you’d be in time for a heavy and delicious breakfast of Indian cuisine in Bali Ubud.

Tip: Do not forget to take a water bottle along or else you might have to turn back around halfway through your walk, considering how you won’t get any water till the end of the walk. So take your own and aplenty.

Now that you know all about the Campuhan Ridge, head on over there and take in some immense Bali beauty. Once you are done and famished enough then head to Queens of India Bali, an Indian restaurant in Bali.

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