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Learn more about the most popular Indian street food-Pani Puri

India, where unity is in diversity, is a colorful country rejoicing in beautiful traditions and cultures. Every state in India has its rich heritage and associated with their heritage are the mouthwatering dishes adding grace to their uniqueness as a state. Having said that it would not be wrong to say that in India people divided by states are united by Pani Puri. Pani Puri can more accurately be termed as the national snack of India. There hardly exists any Indian who could resist his/her craving for this amazing street food. Whether a dreamer from those slums or one suited in three-piece suits from some posh areas, whosoever he/she is you will find them all standing in a queue at Pani Puri stall, thus this beloved snack contributes in bridging the gap between people.

Pani Puri in India is the answer to almost every occasion, every craving. But it doesn’t mean that this delicacy is confined only to the borders of India. Pani Puri with its amazing taste has reached the different parts of the world and of course, is spreading its magic everywhere. It would be like icing on the cake if the beauty of Bali is explored with the taste of Pani Puri and guess what menu of Indian restaurants in Bali like queen’s tandoor are all set to offer you this experience.

Pani Puri has many versions and with each version, a different name is associated to make it feel more homely. Although in most of cases the recipe is almost the same, the scintilla mere experiment with ingredients imparts new life, new flavor to the dish. In general Pani Puri is a crispy hollow ball made of semolina or wheat, filled with spicy potatoes and topped with tangy, spicy tamarind water made fragrant by mint leaves and black salt. Whether it is Mumbai’s Pani Puri, Delhi’s Golgappe, Hyderabad’s Gupchup, Haryana’s Paani ke Patashe, Gujarat’s Pakodi, Bengal’s Phuchka or Lukhnow’s Pani ke Batashe every name has an emotion attached to it. So, if you are at any Indian cuisine at Bali just mention any of the above names and this amazing snack from the streets of India filled with love and taste will be presented to you. Don’t forget to enjoy that ‘phuch’ sound it makes when you take a bite.

The water (pani) of Pani Puri has many flavors from sweet to sour to suit every demand of your taste buds. The top of the crispy hollow ball(puri) is cracked open, then stuffed with spicy boiled mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, chutney, and finally is filled with tangy water up to brim. It has to be prepared and eaten at the same time since pani makes the puri soggy in a matter of seconds. Also, it has to be eaten in one bite. Don’t forget to ask for the Papdi once you have eaten your Pani Puri plate. Papdi is a complementary flattened version of Pani Puri which marks an end to your Pani Puri meal. So, are you all set to add this lovable and pampered street food in your taste list?

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