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Local Cuisine: A must-try in Bali

There’s a simple saying, ‘when you’re visiting someplace new, eat like a local!’ 

Instead of spending hundreds, you can visit the local street joint which has a mouth-watering menu that is waiting for you round the clock. When you’re in Bali, you cannot miss the heavenly cuisine and years-old recipe. Apart from its mesmerizing beaches, surfing turfs, and cultural heritages, Bali is also a food heaven. You cannot miss the Balinese traditional dishes which is almost as old as its culture. Can you believe that!

So, without further ado, let me present you with some of the rich Balinese cuisines especially for first-time visitors:

  • Balinese Kopi: For all those coffee lovers out there, this is a must-try for them. The coffee or kopi in Bali is not the one which you find in regular coffee shops of your region but serves the top-notch coffee you’ve ever tasted. 
  • Cocktail Bars: Who doesn’t like a good affordable cocktail when they are on a holiday? If you are in Bali for this trip, then you should taste a variety of cocktails that’ll fall in your budget. There’s nothing better than one enjoying their favourite cocktail sitting on a beach in Kuta and enjoying the cold breeze with their partner.
  • BBQ Sea Food: Now that you’re sitting on a beach sipping your cocktail, don’t miss the barbeque joint near the place. Jimbaran beach is very famous for serving freshly grilled seafood which will be in your budget. You can also find Indian food in Kuta on the menu.
  • Sambal Matah: There are over 300 varieties of Sambal in Indonesia, interesting isn’t it? It’s their own version of ‘Sambal Matah’ which is being served on the island of Bali. Foodie tip- Eat it with fresh fish or chicken and thank me later!
  • Satay: Locals call it sate, it is basically grilled chicken, goat, port or beef skewed on sticks. Sate is Bali’s original creation which is made by marinating it in coconut milk and other exotic spices. There is another form of it which is called Sate Lilit (Satay Wrap), which is very popular among the tourists as they like it wrapped rather than skewered. 
  • Betutu: Don’t let the name fool you, it’s the dish of the king’s. According to the legend, a full chicken or duck was chosen as the main ingredient and stuffed with exotic spices and steamed or baked for eight-long hours. Don’t let the waiting time spoil your mood for good food.
  • Queens: Queens Tandoor has a menu loaded with rich Indian cuisines. It is also the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bali which is one of the oldest Indian restaurants of not just Bali but also Jakarta. Start your appetite with seafood cream soup followed by madrasi chicken curry and finger-licking Rogan Josh. For deserts, Queens tandoor offers you pineapple lassi.

Don’t just believe what you read, go and experience it yourself. You’ll discover some of the best exotic cuisines for yourself. Bali has a lot to offer than just good food or cocktails or beaches, Bali offers love and emotions. 

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