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Spend Your Vacay Nights in Bali The Best Way

Bali nightlife serves a wide range of crowds, styles, and budgets. From chilling out on beach clubs and getting loose with live DJ to attending cabaret shows, you can enjoy life after dark in many ways. There are some amazing ways in which you can spend your nights in Bali the best way possible. Some of the main hubs to spend the nightlife in Bali are spread across Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian.

Experience the nightlife in Bali with the main attractions having the USP if it’s yours. You can also spend your nightlife the quitter way at Nusa Dua, Sanur or Ubud. You can also try some of the best Indian dining restaurants across these areas for scrumptious Indian food. Here are some of the amazing ways in which you can spend your nights in Bali the best way possible:

Night Clubs

There are plenty of nightclubs in Bali which are spread throughout its southern regions of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. They have best scenes around midnight and international DJs start around midnight and the party goes until morning. Many clubs are attached to restaurants you can have a wide range of cuisines like Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines, and many others. Some of the best night clubs include:

  • Mirror Bali Lounge and Club, Seminyak – This clubs offers chic lounge and partying scenes having
    futuristic lighting systems on which you can dance upon and also includes bar drinks where you can have a wide choice of liquor.
  • Boshe VVIP Club, Kuta – It is on a walking distance from Kuta’s main beach resort area. The club has VVIP rooms and 15 private karaoke rooms. It has a powerful sound system and high technology laser lighting systems. There are many other famous night clubs in Bali.

Beach Clubs

Bali consists of a great mix of beach clubs located on the southern coast of the island spread across its islands and behind pristine cliffs on the Bukit Peninsula. They have brought Mediterranian style vibes to the tropical island with a blazing setup. They have delicious platters to offer with drinks. Beach clubs in Bali also consists of beachside dining and chill out dining venues:

  • Ku De Ta – It is one of the most famous hotspots on the island situated in Seminyak. The club has taken the bar upwards for making the nightlife. The club also provides drinking dining in-front of the beach.
  • HQ Beach Club– This is the very famous club at the hotel Grand Inaa hotel, Kuta. It has beachfront venue fit for holidaying with families and friends. It is located on the Kuta coastline. There is a swimming pool on the raised platform right next to the beach. There are many other famous beach clubs in Bali.

Cabaret Shows

The best cabaret shows in Bali provide glitters and glamour to the evening on the island. Live performances along with the dinner or on a cruise ship under a wonderful sunset can make your evening worth remembering. Some bars in Seminyak bring performances queens and celebrity lookalikes with dance troupes that wear their costumes and deliver the breath-taking performances.  Here are all the places to enjoy the best cabaret shows in Bali for a glamorous night out:

  • Frankenstein’s laboratory – It has the most exciting nightlife where you get to experience the Halloween atmosphere throughout the year and not only in the month of October.  Zombies, vampires, monsters, mummies and humans, all mingle together in this ghoulishly themed spot for fun.
  • Bali Joe – It has the most amazing and bubbly nightlife scene in Seminyak It presents the scene of dancers climbing onto the bar tops as the night matures and drag queens in their costumes and perform to entertain the audience. There are many other famous cabaret shows in Bali.

There are many other nightlife experiences which you can take upon like live music venues, traditional dance performances which tells a story with live dance troupe, an exotic night shopping market which sells local items and food at cheap prices if bargained.

Experience the nightlife of Bali the best way of visiting these places. If you are craving hardcore Indian food nearby in Bali, visit the best Indian restaurants in Bali that are a few minutes away from the market.  

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