Indian Food in Bali

The caring hands behind your Indian Food in Kuta & other branches of Queens Tandoor


Ensuring peak customer satisfaction is one of the most essential things in running a restaurant that offers Indian food in Kuta. An excelling service and a value for the customer come from imbibing in the staff a sense of prioritizing customer needs. Moreover, being a restaurant offering the true Indian experience our roots have always taught us revere the guest. That is most of the reason why we are able to ensure unmatchable standards in customer service.

Here’s how our diverse staff ensures complete customer satisfaction.


The chefs of Queens of India, Bali hail from the motherland and have been trained in the Indian culinary arts. All of them hold degrees from renowned culinary schools. However, despite that the most monumental characteristics they possess is actually an in-depth understanding of the flavors which they’ve been inculcated with from the womb practically. Learning a new cuisine and have pre-existing knowledge about it are two different things and the latter is what the chefs of our restaurant are equipped with. They cook with the utmost care and precision and with the mission to utterly satisfy the customer.


Our servers have been carefully interviewed so as to gauge their personalities. Offering delicious Indian food in Bali comes with the responsibility of serving them in the right manner. We ensured that all of them were extremely polite and understood the idea of prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our staff is more about being friendly while also maintaining a balance with professionalism. One major plus point is our diverse team of servers is that have a mix of both Indian and Indonesian servers to be able to deal with every kind of customer. Rest assured, they’d be at your beck and call. Seeing how we are also an Indian caterer in Kuta we understand this fact.


Our manager is a highly professional and dedicated person who understands the value of appeasing each and every consumer. Without a doubt, he is someone who is responsible for making us one of the best Bali restaurants. Any grievance/feedback trust him to take it with a smile and to also rectify it quickly and efficiently.

Peak-End Rule

Our aim with running this restaurant is to create a loyal customer and not to give them just a one-time satisfaction. Some of the most prevalent and top ranking restaurants (even businesses), thus, rely on the peak-end rule. Any consumer tends to judge an experience by the endpoint of service. That is essentially the peak point for his/her opinion. While we do make sure that the experience as a whole matter too but the important one is the how it ends. It could be something as simple as finishing off with a complimentary dessert or offering them a discount to prod them to come back again. If they do come back a second time around trust us to employ all our energies in curating an even better experience for them.

That’s basically how we as a restaurant offering Indian food in Kuta and other Bali branches manage to uphold the standards of customer service and keep them coming back for more.

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