Indian dining in Bali

Some of the top services that we offer to ensure luxury Indian dining in Bali

Running a restaurant is all about assuring a brilliant experience to the customer. If you do not have a good and loyal customer base then you practically have nothing. While good food is, of course, something that tops the list, ensuring a good service is equally as important. Being a restaurant that has been offering luxury Indian dining in Bali for almost over 20 years now, we have learned a few really important things about excelling customer service.

Here’s how we make sure that you, our customers have a brilliant dining experience or wedding experience at our restaurant or with our services as an Indian caterer in Nusa Dua.

Relation Building

Our customers are not someone we plan to see only once at our restaurant. The plan is to have you keep coming back so as to enjoy Indian dining in Nusa Dua. One of the ways we do that is we don’t really look at you as customers. For us, our customers are more like friends who we wish to come back and have a gala time. Because really the satisfaction of having a happy customer makes for an achievement like none other. To ensure that, many a time we would send a little something on the house to a customer who seems to be coming around frequently to our humble Indian restaurant in Nusa Dua. Another important way we ensure a good relationship is through recommendations. Seeing as how our servers are a mix of both Indian and Indonesian people, the Indian ones can help you decide what to order while the locals can help you plan an itinerary for your Bali trip if needed!

The Three-time Rule

Here’s a little secret into a way we market our customers to come back. Tell no one! The three-time rule suggests that if someone comes to a restaurant for the first time and has a lovely experience then the chances of a return is 40%, a second time good experience increases it by 42% and finally a good experience a third time around means that they are likely to stick to the place. The first three times are of prime importance to us as a restaurant offer Indian food in Nusa Dua. That is not to say the hospitality disappears after that because once you become a loyal customer, it’s easier for people in the restaurant to form a relationship and actually try to appease you all the more. So don’t worry, you are way important for us to ever deteriorate with the service.

Pick and Drop

Ever heard that a restaurant offers to pick and drop its customers? Well, we do! Yes. Not only do we bring the food to you but also bring you to the food. If someday you are really craving some fresh and warm Indian food in Bali and have no way to get to us, then fret not! We will ensure that you have a comfortable transfer to and from your accommodation. This little addition to services is another way to have customers stick around. Drop us a call and we will pick you and drop you too.

Here’s how we promise to provide for an excelling experience of Indian dining in Bali and keep you coming back for more. Give us a chance to serve you and we ensure you won’t regret it.

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