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Why we offer Indian food in Bali along with a comfortable pick and drop service

As we’ve always mentioned, customer service is of prime importance to us as a restaurant offering Indian food in Nusa Dua. Apart from the delectable food, it’s a good service and excelling experience that can keep us in a customer’s good books urging them to keep coming back. When you come to to us at Queens we make it our prime responsibility to take care of you in a way that is comfortable and make you feel like royalty. Thus, to make it a memorable experience and incite people to come back we decided to start the experience way before and after you indulge into your filling plate of delicacies. This led us to offer a pick and drop service to our customers along with and excelling dining experience in Nusa Dua.  


Saves Time

All you need to do is a book a time slot in the day and our courteous drivers will be at your doorstep 10minutes before the prescribed time. Thus, this saves up on time that a cab driver will take to reach your doorstep. The driver will take you straight to our Indian restaurant in Nusa Dua. Apart from that once you are done enjoying your delicious meal you wouldn’t have to spend time looking for a mode of transport to get back to your accommodation, a car will be waiting for you. What more would want after a delightful meal?


Easy Navigation

Being a tourist, it’s easy to get lost in a new place. Well, we want you to waste no time trying to find our restaurant. It wouldn’t be nice to have your famished selves roam about looking for our restaurant and then deciding against it. Although, the restaurant is located in a rather popular location when it comes to a new place you can never be too sure. Come straight to replenish yourself with some quality Indian cuisine in Bali and go straight back to your hotel.


Extreme Comfort

While it’s fun to roam about Bali on your hired scooter or walk around, it can get tiring too sometimes. By the end of the day, people are mostly drained going around and exploring and all they need is some comforting food. Now if you are craving brilliant Indian food, we’ll get you to our restaurant without any inconvenience. All you need to do it is sit back and prep yourselves for delectable food. Our cars are clean, comfortable and air-conditioned.


Superior Safety

Trust our drivers to keep you safe and not try to do anything that could harm you. We’ve hired the most professional and trustworthy people and you’ll always be safe around them. Moreover, since they know the roads around town really well, so stay assured they’ll take you through the safest routes. Go for a much-needed nap after you witness some really top in class and luxury Indian dining in Nusa Dua in the car and you’ll safely get to your hotel when you wake up.


Keeping these factors in mind, we offered this pick and drop service along with delicious Indian food in Nusa Dua to our customers who request for it. Having an experience like this really ensures anyone coming to our restaurant in Nusa Dua, ends up leaving happy and coming back with excitement.





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