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5 must-have dishes you should try at Queen’s of Indian Bali this Ramadan

The smell of the scrumptious Suhoor meal wafting through the air, the festivities, and the celebrations of Iftaar. It’s clearly Ramadan time. Gobbling down copious amounts of delicious food is probably one of the most exciting parts about this month. Moreover, every day seems like a feast when you wake up at the wee hours of the morning or when you break the fast as the sun sets. Getting a bit into the background, Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. The whole month is marked by fasting and is aimed at teaching patience. Breaking the fast at a good Indian restaurant in Bali is a sure break it opens on a delicious note.

Head to Queen’s of India Bali and chomp on these delicious and must-have Ramadan dishes.


These deep-fried fritters of vegetables dipped in a runny gram flour paste are super delicious. A rather filling option, Bhajia are perfect for both Suhoor as well as the Iftaar and the perfect little snack to break your fast. Among the myriad of options of Indian food in Bali we at Queens offer a number of delicious Bhajia options to choose from; mixed veg, onion, paneer, egg (recommended), chicken and prawns. Surely the right start to your delicious meal.

Boti Kebab

Marinated in thick papaya, green chili and garlic paste, Boti kebab are small square pieces of mutton that are topped with spices and grilled till they turn a nice brown color. A flavor-packed, soft appetizer, these kebabs are among the best dishes at our Indian restaurant in Bali Indonesia. Served with fresh onions and chutney you’ll fall in love with the whole combo.


How can anyone miss this? A favorite for sure, Biryanis have something which makes them so difficult to avoid. A lovely spiced rice preparation, Biryani is cooked on low heat along with vegetables, Chicken, Mutton or more, depending on the kind of Biryani one is trying to make. The best Biryanis are the ones that are left to cook on a low heat for a long while and are undeniably delicious. Served with a generous serving of Raita, our Biryani at queens tandoor Bali will leave you asking for more.

Rogan Josh

Time for a delicious main course. A very popular mutton dish, Rogan Josh requires precision, patience and the passion to deliver something mouthwatering. A traditionally Kashmiri dish the exquisite blend of spices surely makes it a warm one but it’s so delicious one can’t help chomp on it be it whatever season. Dipped in a light yet spiced curry the mutton pieces are soft and slow cooked. It can be paired up with soft naans, paranthas or even Biryani.

Gajar Halwa

Of course, this heartening and hefty meal is incomplete without a delightful sweet dish. So top it up with a warm bowl of the Gajar Halwa. These little shredded pieces of carrots cooked slowly in a mix of sugar and milk are best served with a garnishing of dry fruits. Trust us if you try this little sweet tooth pleaser at our restaurant offering Indian dining in Bali you are sure to forget even the best carrot cakes you’ve ever tried.

Fill up your famished tummy with these amazing delicacies at Queen’s of India, Bali a restaurant offering the best Indian dining in Bali.


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