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Why is Queen’s of India best for your romantic dinner in Bali

The ethereal landscapes, the calmness of the rice fields and the liveliness of the markets, Bali is undeniably the perfect romantic destination. Romantic destinations call for life-changing adventures, charming moments in remote spots and fancy dreamy dinner dates. No better way to charm your beau than by taking them for a lovely romantic dinner in Bali. You could thus, head to Queens of India Bali, one of the best Indian restaurants in Bali.

Here’s how Queens Tandoor Bali would offer an amazing spot for your date coupled up with the Best Indian Food.

Outdoor Seating


Indian restaurant in Bali Indonesia

Let the lovely weather amp up your pleasant dinner. With ample outdoor seating at our Indian restaurant in Nusa Dua, the space is perfect for a casual date as you witness the hustle of the city passing by you. You do not have to worry about it getting too hot outside, we drizzle our outdoors with cooling table fans. Our servers, too will be available at your beck and call offering you delicious Indian food in Nusa Dua under the calming moonlight.

Indian Classical Music

Living up to our tag of authenticity, we escalate this perfect experience by adding a touch of harmony to it with some of the traditional Indian tunes. There is really nothing more romantic for your candle light dinner in Bali. Be it any branch of our Indian restaurant in Bali, you’ll be swaying to the tunes of the music with the most delicious Indian food in Bali.

Excelling Service

Our team of professionals understands that a bad date night is the last thing you want. Thus, they ensure the best service ever which is our standard for any customer anyway. With both local and Indian servers, all your needs will be taken care of without fault as you enjoy your delectable and fresh Indian Cuisine In Bali. The managers across our Indian vegetarian restaurants in Bali are professional and always at your service, so if you have any setups to be done prior to the date, we are all ears!

Private Dining Area

romantic dinner in Bali

Want to take it up a notch? All branches of queens tandoor Bali have private dining areas if you wish for some more privacy and want to have your dinner in the quietude of the elegant area. A server will always be attentive to your needs and around at all times. Enjoy the views through the windows while you chomp on brilliant Indian food in Bali or waltz around the room, if you so, please. There’s a lot that you can do under the warm hospitality of Queens of India.

These top in class services by an Indian restaurant in Bali Indonesia are sure to make your romantic dinner in Bali a success.


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