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The backpacker life; plan your stay in these hostels on your Bali trip

A land of serene escapades and the Indonesian party capital too. A tourist spot infiltrated by people from all over the world. The beauty and the vibe all unparalleled. You definitely need to plan a trip to Bali in your 20’s. The food is a delight here too. Surprisingly enough you can even find Indian food in Ubud, Nusa Dua, Kuta or Seminyak at our well-known restaurants. Apart from all that, accommodation in Bali is a dream that too at affordable prices, especially if you stay in hostels. A perfect pick for backpackers, these hostels offer immense comfort and luxury too.

Here’s an on some of the best hostels you can stay in on your Bali trip.


Kayun Hostel, Kuta

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With two locations in Kuta, Kayun hostel is the most well-known hostel. It witnesses a lot of tourists all year round and the services are really impressive. This also puts you really close to the Kuta beach. So if you are in the mood to party in Bali, then this is the place to be. It comes equipped with private and dorm rooms as well as a lovely pool and bar area. What’s more? It’s also pretty close to an amazing restaurant that offers the best Indian food in Kuta.


Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel, Ubud

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Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel, Kuta

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Back to the party capital, you can stay in this fun hostel in Kuta that has both private and dorm rooms, complete with a swimming pool of course. This is slightly on the luxurious side, so comfort is no stress! The lovely cafe and common dining area also make for a good way to socialize. You could definitely also head to our restaurant for some lip-smacking food and some delicious Indian flavors.


Kosta Hostel, Seminyak

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The concrete interiors and the big pool with sunbathing recliners are the highlights of this hostel. A bit far from the hustle bustle of Seminyak, the place offers for some serenity and relaxing moments. With clean comfortable beds and bicycles on hire, this place has everything you need — even a lovely restaurant. It’s also pretty close to our well-known restaurant, so if you are ever craving Indian food in Seminyak, we have a fix.

The Farm Hostel, Canggu

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Located amidst the greenery of farms, this place has all possible amenities for its guests. A property in Canggu, a place that exudes natural beauty, you can also head for surfing to the sea which is pretty close by. You could rent the surfboards from the hostel itself! With a lovely open restaurant, a pool and even outdoor showers, the hostel make for an experience of luxury.

While we just covered your accommodation, what we can also offer you are top in class Indian dining in Bali with some lip-smacking Indian food. To know more, head to



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